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Enterprises are Falling Behind on BYOD Security

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New data breaches make headlines every week, and most IT departments are concerned, if not outright alarmed, about the security risks of BYOD. They cite data loss, illicit data access, and malware as top security concerns for their network and mobile users.

So how are enterprises doing when it comes to implementing security measures guarding against data breaches and malware infections resulting from BYOD? Not very well, according to recent surveys.

There is a startling gap between enterprise mobile security policies and actual practice. In a survey of 1,600 IT professionals in LinkedIn’s Information Security Group last year, more than 75% of respondents were concerned about data loss resulting from BYOD. Sixty-five percent were concerned about unauthorized access to internal systems, and 47% were concerned about BYOD carrying malware into the enterprise.

However, many enterprises are failing to implement or fully enforce their BYOD security policies:

  • Two-thirds of the enterprises with BYOD security measures don’t fully enforce them.
  • About 75% of enterprises have not educated employees about BYOD risk.
  • Only 31% require employees to configure a device PIN or key lock on mobile devices.

Lacking comprehensive BYOD security, enterprises leave themselves exposed to risks of data breaches, unauthorized system access, and malware.

Why are these enterprises so reluctant to implement and enforce strict security measures?

In many cases, IT organizations fear that employees will balk at any new mobile security features they find cumbersome or time-consuming. Mobile workers have become accustomed to mobile experiences that are quick and easy. A swipe of a finger or a couple of taps lets users perform basic operations in a fraction of the time required for desktop systems. Even as simple a security measure as entering a four-digit PIN to unlock a screen is considered cumbersome by some users.

To protect data and infrastructure while satisfying users, IT organizations need to find a way to make mobile computing secure and compliant, as well as quick, easy, and enjoyable. Learn how kiteworks by Accellion will please both IT departments and end users alike.

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