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Forrester Research: Collaboration Today Requires Secure Mobile File Sharing

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A new study by Forrester Research paints a striking portrait of file sharing in today’s mobile-first enterprise. The report, Market Trends: Secure File Sharing And Collaboration In The Enterprise, Q1 2014, finds that information workers in North America and Europe are regularly collaborating—and hence sharing files—not only with their colleagues (other employees) but also with external users such as partners and customers. According to the study:

  • 76% of employees regularly communicate or collaborate with customers or clients
  • 64% regularly communicate or collaborate with suppliers, vendors, or partners

Increasingly, this cross-boundary communication involves mobile devices. The study found that:

  • Most information workers in North America and Europe are using some type of mobile device for work, and 53% are using three or more devices.
  • Of those workers using tablets, 55% use file sharing and sync software.

Enterprise collaboration today involves many devices (including BYOD devices not selected or configured by IT), many files, and many organizations.

As Forrester points out, the chances of confidential data accidentally leaking to the wrong party grows astronomically higher in such a hyper-connected environment. To reduce these chances, IT must implement strong controls for data governance. Of course, those controls must work across all those mobile devices and accommodate communications with external users who will never be given accounts on an internal LDAP server or in Active Directory.

The Forrester report clearly shows the need for fast-paced mobile file sharing and collaboration with external users. Accellion provides enterprises with a mobile-first design for secure file sharing and collaboration, that meets enterprise requirements for ease of use, speed and security. To read the complete Forrester report, download a copy here.

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