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Getting to Yes Faster – The Mobile Sales Team

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Accelerating sales cycles, and getting to “yes” faster, is the goal of all organizations and recent survey results indicate that mobilizing the sales team can deliver significant productivity improvements. According to a recent study by Constellation Research, mobilizing a sales team:

  • Reduces sales cycles by 9.5%
  • Increases deal sizes by 1.8%
  • Increases up-sell rates by 8.2% and up-sell revenue by 8.8%
  • Increases cross-sell rates by 16.9% and cross-sell revenue by 13.3%

These positive results were echoed in a survey by the Sales Management Association, which found that:

  • 23% more firms meet team quotas when employing a sales mobility strategy
  • 70% of sales organizations using tablets have already realized positive ROI

So how does mobilizing a workforce contribute to these productivity improvements? Let’s review some of the inefficiencies inherent in sales efforts.

Complex sales involve many individuals, usually from many departments and in different geographic locations. To exchange information, sales managers often rely on email to communicate. When proposals, technical specifications, legal contracts, and other critical sales documents travel back and forth through email, delays naturally occur, in part because people check their email on different schedules, and accessing and collaborating on documents often requires tools only provided on laptops and desktops.

So how is the sales process streamlined by a mobile workforce and sales team? Let’s take a look at the mobile-enabled sales process. Sales people require a smartphone or tablet, obviously, but what else? They’ll need a secure solution to share and access critical content, like kiteworks by Accellion, and a mobile device management solution to authenticate the user, like Good Technology, and e-signing technology to digitally finalize contracts, such as DocuSign.

Here is how the workflow of a mobile salesperson would play out with these mobile solutions:

John (Sales Manager) is trying to close a deal in the last week of the quarter.

  • John receives an email on the Good for Enterprise email client from Steve (Legal counsel from prospect’s legal team) requesting changes to the Purchase Agreement.
  • John opens the document in kiteworks, creates a folder, adds the document and shares it with Steve.
  • Steve opens the document in kiteworks and annotates his changes using integrated PDF annotator.
  • John receives a notification in his Activity Stream and works with his Legal team to make the necessary changes.
  • He then, shares the updated document via kiteworks and assigns a task to Steve to sign the document.
  • Steve opens the document in Good enabled DocuSign app, signs the contract and marks his task as completed.
  • John closes the deal in record time!

The evidence is clear. If your organization wants to increase its sales results and operational efficiency, a secure mobile file sharing solution, integrated with MDM capabilities and e-signing, is a smart investment.

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