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Good News: Enterprises Take Mobile Security Risks to Heart

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According to Good Technology’s “Q1 2014 Good Mobility Index Report”, more companies than ever are taking steps to mitigate security risks by leveraging secure mobile apps. The report found that secure enterprise app activations among its customer base grew 57 percent from Q4 2013, which is great news.

That’s not all. Good Technology also found that companies are prioritizing providing VPN-less access to employees via secure browsing apps – wanting to enable easy access to enterprise data while maintaining the highest level of data security. In addition, apps such as mobile printing, notes and unified communications grew more than 100 percent quarter over quarter, supplementing organizations’ mobile computing strategies.

We, as a Good Technology partner, are doing our part too to help IT address the proliferation of mobile devices without sacrificing security. The kiteworks Mobile App for Good allows users to:

  • Securely share enterprise content while content policies, and access controls are transparently managed and applied without impeding end-user productivity
  • Enable secure content sharing with Good for Enterprise email integration
  • Enforce app level policies. If an app or device policy is violated, or if there is a need to revoke app level access, the app, its container, and all of its contents can be selectively wiped, while keeping other device data intact
  • Prevent users from cutting and pasting content to unapproved consumer apps;
  • Separate work and personal data via the secure mobile container

Providing secure mobile apps to end users is crucial, as it enables employees to work how and where they prefer, without exposing sensitive organizational data to the risk of leaks or breaches. The use of mobile apps and devices for business purposes will continue to grow, and companies that don’t take steps now to secure their sensitive information on all devices will be subjecting their company to unnecessary risk.

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