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How Do You Protect Lawyers From Themselves?

Posted by Accellion Team
It’s been a whirl-wind couple of weeks here at Accellion.   Last week we launched our latest product – the Accellion iManage Plug-in, and this week we are showing it to Law Firm CIOs during LegalTech in New York.  As a product marketing manager, nothing is more exciting than seeing a product get launched.  After weeks and sometimes even months of planning, brain-storming, and writing, the whole world gets to see what we have in store for them.
And in particular it’s great to launch products that have a meaningful impact on peoples’ work.  Which is why I think the Accellion iManage Plug-in is a great tool for legal organizations. Our new iManage Plug-in basically allows legal staff to optimize usage of their existing Autonomy iManage WorkSite Document Management System.  With the Accellion iManage Plug-in, users can securely send any size file stored in the iManage system to email recipients internal and external to their organization without leaving the iManage application. No longer do users need to download files from iManage to their desktop and search for a way to transfer them.  No more searching for a CD and a FedEx envelope, no more file sharing via USB sticks, no more attaching files to Outlook.  I love tools that make work-life more efficient.
But beyond creating efficiencies, the Accellion iManage Plug-in closes an important security loophole. By integrating Accellion into iManage, the opportunities for unsecure sharing of confidential information have been greatly reduced.  Files can now easily be sent securely.  Nothing is more embarrassing and legally risky than sending a confidential file to the wrong client or business partner.  With the Accellion iManage Plug-in files are encrypted and sent securely.  And, you even get an email telling you when someone has received that very important file you’ve sent them.
Accellion secure file sharing prevents legal professionals from getting into trouble when sharing confidential information with colleagues, partners, outside counsel and clients – and that’s a good thing.