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Introducing kiteworks

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The technology industry is built on a culture of innovation, and an inherent drive to make things more efficient, more useful, and more engaging. Today there is a mobile revolution occurring, transforming the way we work and the tools we use for that work.

We believe that all organizations need a way for employees to share information from wherever, on any device, with people inside and outside the organization without exposing confidential information.

At Accellion we’ve built our reputation, and the core of our solutions, around the concept that security is an imperative for all businesses and government organizations. We’ve taken our history in security, and fused it with a mobile perspective to create a next generation mobile collaboration and file-sharing platform; kiteworks by Accellion.

With the introduction of kiteworks we’re not just keeping up with the mobile revolution trend; we’re taking the lead.

With kiteworks we’ve completely revamped our user experience to make it mobile first, and layered it upon a new triple-layer architecture that dramatically increased our already robust security features.  We believe that security functionality will only be used if it doesn’t get in the way of people getting their work done, and kiteworks is the embodiment of that thinking. kiteworks is designed to delight users as well as IT and security teams.

We capitalized on this opportunity to create an entirely new type of user experience, one that was truly designed to be mobile-first and device agnostic, rather than taking a PC-based product and pasting it onto a mobile platform. The kiteworks UI is intuitive and easy to use. We’ve improved the way users view the activity occurring around their files, as well as added tools like the Move Tray, which streamlines the way users share files via mobile. We’ve also improved mobile productivity by adding features for creating and editing files, for file centric collaboration, task-based activities, and mobile workflows.

A lot of people talk about being mobile first, but we mean it. We have taken mobile to heart.  We invite you to explore kiteworks and work wherever the wind takes you.

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