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Putting Wearables into Business Context

Posted by Sara Day

Even after Apple’s stunning introduction of the Apple Watch, wearable technology is in its infancy. Mr. Cook’s team took a big step forward in terms of wearable application development, but it remains to be seen how consumer adoption will translate into more meaningful, life-critical innovation.

It’s not hard to imagine a world where a voice-activated device gives a surgeon data while they are operating or smart watch monitors a patient’s vital activities.  An insurance company could collect a treasure trove of data about the behaviors and environment of an individual to feed a risk assessment engine.

Forward-looking developers are considering a new generation of apps that will be authored to be aware of and respond to the situation of the wearer. In the very near future, developers will need to balance a limitless range of use contexts as well as considerations of personal safety.

Think for a minute about how personal wearable data will be. Sleep monitoring. Health data. (And I’m not talking about how many calories you just burned.) Wearables paired with mobile devices will soon be capturing an unprecedented amount of extremely sensitive personal data.

Nearsighted IT departments will undoubtedly look to block these devices because they present major security and liability challenges. Disabling these services will damage user experience and satisfaction. We’re tech savvy users trained that “there’s an app for that.” We will inevitably find a way around restrictive IT policies, which can put corporate data at risk. At MobileIron, we believe that the more IT say’s “no,” the less secure the organization becomes.

In a wearable world, companies need to revisit their approach to privacy, process, and communication. Move to a model that securely separates personal and corporate data. A model that promotes selective management and selective wipe for corporate data, while instilling confidence in end users that privacy is priority number one.

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