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Serving Up DRM with a Side of Usability

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One of the biggest complaints we hear around digital rights management (DRM) is how complex it makes even the most basic of actions. While its intentions are pure – securing confidential data – it’s often considered too unwieldy to use in day-to-day activities.

Enterprise organizations and government agencies have an urgent need for enhanced solutions that protect sensitive business information, no matter what device it is being shared or accessed from. With this in mind, we’re introducing user-friendly DRM features for kiteworks that enhance the security of document sharing, without hampering business productivity.

For example, a sales representative needs to send proprietary product roadmap information to a prospective customer, in order to close a deal. To ensure that the prospect doesn’t accidentally forward along the materials to other people, where it could end up in a competitors hands, the rep makes the document View-Only in kiteworks, and watermarks the content. This means that the prospect can view the materials, but they cannot download, forward or copy the file. The sales rep can win a new customer by providing future product capabilities, without fear that he will be the cause of a data breach for the company.

Or say a legal counsel is preparing documents for a court case. She goes to send a number of exhibits to opposing counsel, only to realize that she accidentally included documentation from a different case. In kiteworks, she can now go into the Activity Stream and withdraw the file, ensuring that her current case can continue on schedule, but that sensitive data has not fallen into the wrong hands.

With our new features users get the security benefits of DRM, without impeding their day-to-day activities. Click here to learn more about our new kiteworks features that securely improve the productivity of any workforce.

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