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Telemedicine, mHealth – Real Life Stories to Warm Your Heart

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Every now and then something crosses your desk that makes you stop for a timeout.  As someone who has worked in the technology industry for more than 20 years, it’s safe to say that I love technology. However the stories that were shared with me today from our customer Seattle Children’s Hospital on their use of Accellion secure mobile file sharing are truly inspiring. Enabling the delivery of critical medical treatment to babies – this is technology delivering true value.

Read Seattle Children’s Hospital use cases here and here.

The Seattle Children’s Hospital is on the front-line of research and technology, with healthcare providers working day and night to give children the absolute best life they can. From innovative cancer treatments to telemedicine referrals to rural communities, Seattle Children’s Hospital is taking technological advances and turning them into ways to better treat and cure their patients.

Inspiring stories like these remind me that what I love most about technology is how it touches and improves our lives. We are honored to work with Seattle Children’s Hospital in helping them deliver critical healthcare. Thank you to all the staff and to Wes Wright, CIO, for all that you do. 

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