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The future of mobile file sharing and data privacy

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Dear Aaron and Drew,
We share a common goal - creating solutions that improve the way people access, share, create and sync the information they care about most. It's an incredibly valuable service we all strive to provide, supporting the content needs of professionals and consumers around the world.
The past 12 months have been filled with the antics of Edward Snowden, the NSA, and numerous hacks occurring at Fortune 500 companies, putting issues of privacy and digital security to the forefront of everyone's minds. Information is the most precious commodity in our digital era, and as information sharing and storage providers, we must endeavor to maintain the privacy and security of that data. As leaders in this space, it's our responsibility to protect the data that our customers entrust to our solutions.
We each influence this market in a different manner, because of the way we created our solutions.  Accellion started at the enterprise level and has excelled in creating security functionality for corporations and government agencies, while Dropbox pioneered syncing capabilities that brought the consumer masses into the cloud, and Box began a revolution of cloud storage and content accessibility. As leaders in this space it's our responsibility to ensure the security of the information they entrust to our solutions.
We're living in the age of mobile-first activities, where an iPhone is a tool for both work and play. Whether you're a consumer syncing photos, or a professional sharing a product presentation across the globe, everyone wants instant mobile access to their content, and the knowledge that their data is secure. These mobile needs drove us to launch our new solution, kiteworks by Accellion, to make it possible for professionals to work wherever, securely.
I urge you both to join me in protecting the privacy and information of people around the world. Government intrusions and cyber-attacks are putting everyone at risk, from consumers to the largest enterprises. If we don't step up and provide the kind of digital security they need for their information, who will?
Yorgen Edholm, CEO, Accellion
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