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Transforming the Branch with Universal Bankers and Secure Content Collaboration

Posted by Bob Ertl
Universal Bankers and Secure Content Collaboration

“Branch transformation” is a hot topic in retail banking, and for good reason. Since the advent of mobile banking, branch traffic has declined significantly with no indication of this trend slowing down or reversing course. Times have changed, and branches need to change, too.

But banks and credit unions cannot afford to abandon branches altogether. Proximity to a nearby branch is still a primary factor in consumers deciding which institution to bank with. And even if they no longer visit branches to deposit checks and transfer funds, consumers still like the idea of being able to visit a branch to talk to a representative face-to-face to resolve problems, get advice or apply for products such as mortgages.

A New Role: The Universal Banker

The drive for improving the branch experience has led many institutions to adopt a new model for branch employee: the universal banker. The universal banker is an employee capable of handling all tasks in a bank—depositing checks and counting money, but also consulting with consumers about opening new accounts, optimizing finances, and resolving difficult problems.

Traditionally, tellers have worked behind a counter and personal bankers worked at desks. By combining these roles, universal bankers are roaming the branch freely, greeting the customers at the door and then guiding them to a freestanding kiosk or table to access banking systems and access digital information.

Because universal bankers are mobile, they require access to mobile technology for access to banking systems, electronic documents, and content such as educational videos. Because of mobile technology, universal bankers aren’t confined to desks or offices – which can be intimidating for some bank customers – and they are also able distance themselves from banking’s traditional modes of content exchange which (shockingly) still include faxes, couriers and snail mail.

To accelerate and therefore enhance the bank customer experience, it’s important that the universal bankers’ mobile devices are configured with banking applications or Web interfaces to banking applications. In addition, it also makes sense for them to be connected to a secure content collaboration platform, providing fast, easy, and secure access to a broad range of content.

A secure collaboration platform enables banks, customers and third party organizations handling customer data to share sensitive content like loan applications, credit histories, pay stubs and other documents containing personally identifiable information (PII). 

Empower the Universal Banker and Enhance the Customer Experience with kiteworks

kiteworks by Accellion is a private-cloud secure content collaboration platform that enables banks and other financial institutions to share content with internal and external users seamlessly, with the highest levels of security and control, while modernizing the interactions and reducing friction. 

The kiteworks platform offers universal bankers and financial institution employees these important benefits:

  • Frictionless access to content on any trusted IT system.

Whether using a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, kiteworks provides access to all types of content from all types of data repositories, including:

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, OpenText Documentum, Box and more
  • Windows File Shares and other file repositories
  • PDFs and other files generated through workflow automation

With kiteworks, universal bankers can easily access whatever content they need when interacting with a customer, regardless whether that content is a video stored on a marketing file server, an interactive PDF stored on a sales system, or a legal document stored in SharePoint.

  • Frictionless enterprise-grade security for content wherever it is.

kiteworks protects customer data and other sensitive content with:

  • Private cloud deployments that give institutions full visibility and control over their content to demonstrate compliance, yet feel as easy as cloud apps for employees and customers
  • Secure file sharing through Outlook and the kiteworks mobile interface transforms a process such as a mortgage application from an anachronistic chain of faxes into a digital collaboration — modern, convenient and fully compliant
  • Encryption of customer data like social security numbers, credit scores, transaction records, etc., in transit and at rest
  • “Secure containers” on mobile devices that shield valuable content from malware and unauthorized access
  • Leak-proof editing on mobile devices so that users can edit but not save or duplicate content to new, unauthorized locations
  • User-friendly Digital Rights Management (DRM) that includes watermarking files, sharing files as view-only, and withdrawing files that have been previously shared
  • Support for two-factor authentication
  • Support for remote wipe of business files on mobile devices that are lost or stolen
  • Integration with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions to avoid accidental distribution of sensitive content
  • Legal hold for eDiscovery

With kiteworks, universal bankers can securely upload, download, share, and collaborate on content with the assurance they are protecting customer privacy and demonstrating compliance.

  • Productivity tools for mobile workers.

kiteworks makes it easy for financial institution employees to be productive when working on tablets and other mobile devices by providing:

  • Microsoft Office 365 mobile app integration, enabling bankers to find, edit and create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files on any device, even when the files are stored in Microsoft SharePoint, home drives, file shares, or other enterprise content management systems (ECMs)
  • SharePoint search, enabling employees to search across multiple SharePoint sites and file shares with a single query, rather than logging into individual ECM platforms and performing multiple searches
  • Support for integration with branch applications and other internal applications through kiteworks’ fully documented APIs

With the ability to quickly and easily access, share and collaborate on content, the kiteworks platform empowers universal bankers to deliver the best possible service to prospective and existing customers easily, securely and in compliance with a multitude of regulations.

For more information about kiteworks and its benefits for financial institutions, please contact us.