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Can't All of Your Enterprise Content Just Get Along?


In how many different places does your enterprise data reside? Think about what’s stored on-premise versus in the cloud. Are you using SharePoint and other ECM systems? What about Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive? Have you lost count?

New Study Finds Enterprises Struggling with BYOD

CompTIA, a non-profit trade organization for the IT industry, recently released its Third Annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility study, surveying 400 business and IT executives responsible for mobility policies and processes. The study might have been expected to find widespread enthusiasm for BYOD and a nice smattering of success stories, but it didn’t. Instead it found that U.S.

What Every Marketing Leader Needs to Know About Mobile


Mobile technology represents not only a revolution in how buyers research and purchase goods and services, but also represents a revolution in how marketing teams are able to create, and deliver, marketing messages and tools. However, for most marketing organizations the benefits of mobile as an enhancer of productivity are mostly untapped.

Legal Teams Working Faster and Smarter: Mobile Technology Boosts Attorney Productivity

Most legal organizations are saying "yes" to mobile as a vehicle to help legal teams work faster and smarter. Corporate Counsel’s “2013 In-house Tech Survey” revealed that 76% of firms allow legal staff to bring their own devices to work.

Field Work is No Picnic without Mobile Technology

Today’s field operations teams face increasing pressure from customers to deliver exceptional services. And if field teams don’t deliver, customers aren't shy about finding another vendor who will.

Cloud Storage Wars: Ready for the Next Episode?

Recently Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Box and Dropbox have all been slashing prices on cloud storage in an attempt to lure customers to their cloud platforms. In the latest round, Box is now offering unlimited (infinite) storage with its Enterprise and Business offerings, essentially driving the price/GB of storage to $0, or at least approaching $0 at infinity.

Accellion a Leader in Gartner’s Enterprise File Sync & Share Magic Quadrant

The enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) market is maturing, which will benefit IT leaders planning for mobile and collaboration initiatives. 

Gartner recently published the 2014 “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing” report, detailing the top 19 players in a field that has nearly 100 vendors, and Accellion is positioned as 1 of only 4 vendors in the Leader quadrant.

Real-Time Medical Diagnoses: Mobile Technology Improves Patient Care

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMA) predicts that the U.S. will face a shortage of more than 91,000 physicians by 2020.

The Power Lunch: Mobile Technology Boosts Sales Performance

Spending time with customers is one of the key attributes of high performing sales teams and a mobilized salesforce is able to take the power lunch to a whole new level. Equipped with mobile technology today's sales teams take on super powers, transforming every lunch to a sales opportunity.

Work - It's What's for Breakfast in the Mobile World

How many of us now check email at breakfast or after dinner or while waiting for our lunch sandwich to arrive?  Don't worry it's normal in fact it's becoming the new norm. The adoption of mobile devices in the workplace is transforming the way people work as they become untethered from offices and regular work schedules.  


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