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The Power Lunch: Mobile Technology Boosts Sales Performance

Spending time with customers is one of the key attributes of high performing sales teams and a mobilized salesforce is able to take the power lunch to a whole new level. Equipped with mobile technology today's sales teams take on super powers, transforming every lunch to a sales opportunity.

Work - It's What's for Breakfast in the Mobile World

How many of us now check email at breakfast or after dinner or while waiting for our lunch sandwich to arrive?  Don't worry it's normal in fact it's becoming the new norm. The adoption of mobile devices in the workplace is transforming the way people work as they become untethered from offices and regular work schedules.  

When Intranets and SharePoint Aren’t Mobile-Ready, Users Fall Back on Email

Enterprises have invested heavily in SharePoint and intranets, but in too many organizations these services are not ready to support mobile users. As a result, mobile workers are falling back on email for sharing and transferring files.

Survey Finds BYOD Devices Cluttered with Mobile Apps

How many mobile apps are installed on BYOD devices? The answer varies from employee to employee, but broadly speaking, the answer seems to be, “lots.”

IBM company Fiberlink recently surveyed mobile workers and tallied the mobiles apps installed on their devices. As reported on Dark Reading, the survey found:

Managing Exponential Data Growth with Mobile Technology

Electronic data is growing at a furious rate and has quickly become unmanageable for many. Unfortunately, the data isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The 2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data study found that the amount of data being managed per organization will increase by an average of 76% in the coming 12 to 18 months from 164.2TB to 289TB. The top sources contributing to this growth are emails, customer databases, and Word documents.

Accenture Study Finds Enterprises Struggling to Meet Their Goals with Mobile Computing

A new Accenture study of 1,500 IT leaders finds enterprises are committed to mobile strategies, but less than half have achieved break-even ROI and many are struggling to achieve their mobile-computing goals.

According to the study, enterprises recognize the strategic importance of mobile computing, even when compared to other major IT initiatives such as Big Data and cloud computing:

The Snowden Effect: Why International Companies Are Wary of U.S. Public Clouds

Following a steady drumbeat of news stories about the NSA’s widespread surveillance of consumers, companies, and even foreign heads of state, companies based outside the U.S. are increasingly wary of trusting their data to cloud services managed by U.S. firms.

New Study Highlights the Risks of Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

A new study by the Ponemon Institute, The Insider Threat of Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC), analyzes the risks of enterprise employees using cloud services without the permission or oversight of the IT department—a practice that the study’s author calls “Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC).”

Consumer Solutions are Revolutionizing Enterprise Computing

Are consumer solutions revolutionizing the way that enterprise software is created? Quentin Hardy of The New York Times says yes, and points to the increasingly short time period between product updates on newer solutions like Workday, as compared to product updates from traditional enterprise vendors like Oracle that can take years to be released.

Are Cloud Services Taking on a Life of Their Own?

A new report from SkyHigh Networks – a company that tracks the use of cloud services for corporate customers – found that cloud services are growing exponentially within enterprises. The findings in the report were based on traffic generated in the cloud by more than 8.3 million users in organizations spanning multiple industries.


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