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Headed to the gas station? Hold on to your mobile phone!

Studies show that most of us will lose a smartphone at least once this year. With employees using their own personal devices with free consumer grade apps for device sync, mobile file sharing, and public cloud back up, this can be a big problem for the enterprise. Interestingly, where the “oops” moment happens might depend on where you live according to a recent study.

PRISM and Privacy: Reinforcing IT Instincts

The top-secret National Security Administration (NSA) data mining program isn’t so secret anymore, and on Friday, July 18, it was reported by Reuters that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court renewed authority for the United States’ Office of the Director of National Intelligence to collect telephony metadata in bulk.

The Road to 2017 and the BYOD Mandatory Majority

According to new research by Gartner, Inc. the days of the company-issued laptop may soon be gone. Based on findings from a global survey of CIOs, 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing workplace devices to staff by 2016 and that number will jump to 50 percent the following year. That means that BYOD will shift from optional to mainstream, with many organizations requiring employees to bring their own laptops, smartphones and/or tablets to work.

The Effects of Mobile on the Enterprise

Did you know that as smartphone use increases in a particular industry, the number of data breaches rise as well? Enterprises want their employees to use mobile devices, but the data security concerns can be overwhelming.   How do enterprise IT departments enable secure mobile productivity amongst their workers?

The Great Eight Mobile Security Issues?

Guest Blog Post By: Ryan Fahey an Information Security Professional who is currently a security researcher at the Infosec Institute.

Mobile users be warned: the malicious malware attacks once focused exclusively on PCs have been redirected at mobile devices. From loopholes in operating systems, to poor mobile app coding, to an uptick in malware attacks, we’re seeing users fall prey to a variety of security issues. While the risks seem to be growing by the moment, here are the eight most common concerns right now:

The Third Wave of Mobility – From Access to Interaction to Productivity

The early days of mobile access to corporate e-mail is littered with now-defunct platforms, including Danger, HandSpring, Palm and others. It was Research in Motion (RIM) that launched the first wave of true enterprise mobility. With its well-designed Blackberry handset, robust operating system and highly secure network, RIM revolutionized the space, for better or worse, turning the mundane task of checking e-mail into a must-do activity at dinner, social gatherings and any other time.

Printing Moving from PCs to Mobile Devices

Today’s users expect PC-like functionality from their mobile devices, including the ability to print documents. According to an October 2011 report from research firm IDC, mobile printing is the fastest growing segment in the document solutions industry and is expected to grow from 68.3 million in 2010 to 1 billion in 2015.

Secure Seattle 2013: Enable Secure and Mobile Cloud Collaboration

Rama Kolappan, Mobile Director with Accellion, recently addressed the topic of Enabling Secure and Mobile Collaboration at Secure Seattle 2013 . The 3 key messages to enterprises:

1) You are not alone; mobile productivity challenges face all types of organizations.

TIME Magazine - Mobile Editor’s Go-To Device

Ever wonder what type of toothbrush your dentist uses at home? Or how often your trusted mechanic gets the oil changed on his/her own car? Wouldn’t it be nice to know what products and practices the experts actually rely on behind the scenes?

The Case for Mobilizing SharePoint

The widespread adoption of Microsoft SharePoint, including by the majority of Fortune 500 organizations, has made it a must-have tool for many information and knowledge workers. However with the increasing use of mobile devices in the workplace, employees now expect important applications, like SharePoint, to travel with them. How does IT make that happen, while also making sure that security doesn’t take a hit?


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