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Are Consumer-based Apps Multiplying Within your Organization?

Dropbox, Box, YouSendIt, Google Drive, Evernote, Skype, Google Hangouts. These are just some of the apps that Delyn Simon – a 42-year old executive – rattled off to Quentin Hardy at The New York Times when asked what services she uses on her iPhone.

Security Prescription: Take Note of New HIPAA Rules

Changes are afoot in the health care industry. New HIPAA regulations were unveiled last month to ramp up patients’ privacy and access rights. One of the important new patient access rights is that individuals can now request a copy of their electronic medical records to be sent, well, electronically.

Accellion in Action: MiTek Industries,Inc. Stands up to Dropbox

How One IT Department Stood up to Dropbox and Just Said No.

Think twice before you share: thoughts about this week’s Dropbox, Microsoft announcements

Recently Dropbox and Microsoft have publicly promoted new features for their free consumer file sharing solutions that could result in security risks for companies if used incorrectly or by those with malicious intent.  Microsoft announced today a change to their SkyDrive collaboration

BYOD Grabs Headlines within the Legal Community

A topic that concerns every law firm CIO and IT manager today is whether to permit legal professionals to bring their own computing devices to work, for work. In other words, to support BYOD or not to support BYOD: that is the question. Or, at least it’s the question of the moment– with law firms, like so many organizations, considering how to support employees’ preferences to use personal mobile devices for work purposes, while keeping corporate documents properly managed and secure.

Get Ahead of the Curve with Cloud based Collaboration

According to analyst firm, Enterprise Strategy Group, the enterprise cloud based file sharing revolution is being driven not by IT, but by end users – individuals who need to access and share data across laptops, smart phones and tablets whenever the need may arise. And, it’s these individuals who often subscribe to consumer-based file sharing solutions on their own and then bring those tools into the enterprise to support business use – creating a data security nightmare for IT.

Need for Mobile Productivity and Collaboration Driving Federal Cloud Deployments

If you’re in the government sector, new cloud services and products are likely in the plans for 2013.  Cloud momentum continues to build according to InformationWeek Government’s third annual

Gambling, Dropbox, and Box Top IT’s Most Banned Apps List

No one would be shocked to learn that organizations aren’t big fans of employees playing online poker or roulette on the job. Which is why, when 1,200 IT decisions makers at private companies were asked to name the top three worst apps that employees could download, gambling was at the top of the list, with 58 percent of responses.

‘Tis Always the Season for Sharing

At Accellion, ‘tis always the season for sharing.  But at this time of year, in particular, we think about all the sharing our customers do everyday that makes the world a better place.  As 2012 comes to a close we wanted to share a quick roundup of some of our favorite Accellion file sharing examples for the year:

- The biopharmaceutical company sharing test results for new cancer drug.

- The publishing house collaborating with children’s book authors

Tackling BYOD Security Challenges

In our last post, “New Research to Drive Your Mobile Policies”, we talked about how mobile devices are redefining the workplace, pushing the need for ubiquitous access to enterprise content. But, the big question is how to give users what they want – user-friendly, around-the-clock data availability – while maintaining strong IT security and control. It can be a big undertaking if you don’t know what to look for from a file sharing solution.


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