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Customer Spotlight: Texas Juvenile Justice Department takes action to protect youth data.

For the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD), the ability to communicate quickly and securely makes all the difference for the youth they serve. Operating dozens of treatment facilities, correctional institutions and halfway houses throughout the state, TJJD needed a way for its 2,500 employees to share confidential data efficiently and reliably between parents, medical staff and legal counsel.

Missing: My Phone; Sizeable Reward for Ignoring Corporate Data

If it hasn’t happened to you, consider yourself lucky: misplacing your phone is never a great feeling. While you might immediately think of lost contacts, to-do lists, and calendar items, IT administrators have much more serious concerns on their minds, including the possibility of corporate data getting into the wrong hands.

Cloud Security and Storage Snafus Cause Alarm

Service outages, application access errors, and security hiccups – that’s exactly what we’ve seen happen in recent months with cloud storage providers Dropbox, YouSendIt, and Box. All were reported to have experienced unexpected issues:

“The Met” Safeguards The Olympic Torch

We’re just hours from the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games, marked by the arrival of the Olympic torch in London. The torch is ready for a place to call home, as it’s been on an intense journey through more than 1,000 cities and towns in the U.K over the past 70 days.

“What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: File Sharing and DLP”

Product development plans, quarterly reports, partner SOWs, customer account data, design specs – the list of proprietary data that you need to keep safe goes on and on. So often, data security conversations focus on external threats – due to the huge uptick in malware and security breaches – yet, you can’t ignore risks lurking within your own company walls.

Bringing the Tour De France to Your Living Room

With the 99th Tour de France underway, Australians are paying special attention to the daily rankings, with all eyes on native, Cadel Evans. He captured the title last year (the first Australian to earn the honor), leaving many to wonder – can he pull out the victory two years in a row?

FIPS High-Level Security Clearance for Your Valued Documents

If you’re a government agency or work directly with government-related documents, your file transfer solution of choice must be highly secure. Luckily, The United States Federal Information Processing Standard or FIPS makes it easy for you to know that you’re doing what it takes to protect your agency’s most valuable data.

How Protected is Your Brand from a Virus?

Your brand reaches far beyond your logo, tagline and website – encompassing all interactions with current and potential customers, and often boiling down to how professional (and pleasant) it is to do business with you. How you communicate with investors, partners, and prospects says a lot about your company and helps you create a rapport and level of trust with those critical to your company’s success.

Customer Spotlight: International Law Firm Makes the Case for Accellion Mobile Apps

For law firms, being able to communicate with clients anywhere, anytime is a top priority – and a key ingredient to retaining existing accounts. No one understands that better than Allens Linklaters (Allens) – a firm that was on a mission to find a more secure and reliable way for its 800 attorneys to collaborate and exchange critical files with clients.

The BYOD Trend: A Blessing or a Curse?

When it comes to allowing employees to use their own personal devices at work, everyone is doing it, or so it seems. A recent Cisco-sponsored survey of 600 IT and business leaders found that 95 percent of respondents allow employee-owned devices on the corporate network, citing increased productivity and employee job satisfaction as the primary drivers.


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