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Ace the IT Exam

Do iPhones, iPads, and Androids seem to be multiplying at your school location? While the proliferation of mobile devices brings huge advantages for teachers, administrators, and students in terms of anytime, anywhere access, they introduce major headaches for IT for the same reason: anytime, anywhere access. With students and staff now relying on personal devices for work purposes, school IT administrators are faced with a major test – how to support necessary information exchanges and real-time collaboration, while keeping users safe and data secure.

The True Cost of Google Drive

Today Google announced the launch of Google Drive, a cloud-based file storage and synchronization solution touting 5GB of storage for free. Google Drive just compounded the IT security nightmare already created by free unmanaged consumer file sharing services such as Dropbox, iCloud etc.

IT-Thinking Twice About the Cost of Free Apps

Most people treat their mobile devices as an extension of themselves. People text, share, and play their way into two year relationships with the devices they use on a daily basis. In the typical mobile device “relationship,” individuals downloaded an estimated 83 apps in 2011, according to Piper Jaffray and analyst Gene Munster. While that number sounds high, it boils down to about 1.6 apps per week.

Join Accellion® In the Cloud Sweepstakes

Join Accellion® In the Cloud Sweepstakes

Accellion has always given you the freedom of choice when it comes to cloud deployments: Private, Hybrid, and Public. Starting today we’re taking that freedom to another level. Accellion is celebrating the launch of kitedrive by giving one lucky winner a trip to the clouds. Where you go once you’re in the clouds is up to you. Accellion is going to award one grand prize winner a $1000 travel voucher… from there the sky's the limit.

Accellion RSA 2012 Recap

RSA 2012 last week was a great event for Accellion. It gave us a chance to catch up with our customers, partners, and meet like-minded IT professionals. For those who've never been to RSA, it's the biggest security conference in the US.  Attendance this year was phenomenal. The 23,000 people that attended RSA 2012 had the opportunity to visit 350 vendors on the packed showroom floor.  Several RSA veterans at the show told me that in previous years, attendance has been down, the expo floor was dull and attendance was sparse, limited mostly to vendors crying in the aisles.

Accellion, BoxTone, in a “Healthy” Partnership

Until recently, the thought of doctors using a mobile device to remotely monitor the health condition of a patient sounded like a work of science fiction. In fact, the potential benefits that mobile devices could provide the healthcare community have been discussed since the late 90s. With the recent innovation of powerful and easy to use mobile devices and innovative apps it was only a matter of time until the medical community joined the mobile revolution.

Customer Spotlight: Pepperdine University Gives Accellion Top Marks

Accellion In Action: Pepperdine Secures Copier Files

When Pepperdine decided to implement a university-wide copier replacement program, the mission was to make staff and students’ lives easier. With 90 copiers across four campuses, individuals could scan documents as needed, convert files to PDFs, and send them to an email account. Sounds great, right? But, the big question facing IT was – just how secure is the process?

What I Don't Love About SharePoint

A recent article in Fierce Content Management entitled “Survey finds many users blow by SharePoint security” reveals how cavalier some Microsoft SharePoint users are about maintaining security within the widely used Enterprise collaboration and content management solution.

Accellion in Action: Accellion Powers Design and Engineering Projects for Halsall

For so many businesses, timely, proactive, and personalized communications is the secret ingredient that keeps clients coming back for more. So, what’s a company to do when “communications” goes well beyond daily email and phone check-ins, involving the need to not only send, but also collaborate on, extremely large documents, such as CAD drawings, contracts, and floor plans?

Come and Join the Accellion Team!

Accellion had a tremendous year in 2012. It was awesome to watch the amount of worldwide growth that took place, especially in the last six months.  Accellion’s management team of successful startup veterans have created an atmosphere that rewards innovation, offers opportunities for growth, and encourages a healthy work/life balance.


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