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The Mobile Offensive! BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Mobile employees have been worrying IT managers for years. It all started with pagers, PDAs, and the first cellular phones. Now iPads, smartphones, and a slew of other Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices are on track to outnumber desktop computers. The local area network (LAN) that interconnects computers in a limited area such as a home, computer lab, or office building is fading fast. Most enterprise networks are moving to wireless as the primary way to connect.

Accellion and MobileIron Announce Partnership

Most IT organizations have minimal visibility into what’s on an employee’s phone and how it’s being used, and even less control or insight into information being accessed and shared.

Catering to the Sophisticated User: Make that a "babe-a-ccino"

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to tap into the toddler market with a specialty mock coffee drink aptly called the "babe-a-ccino." Yes, no kidding, there is the photo in the WSJ this morning of a young man, clutching his morsel of croissant, or is it a chai lavendar biscuit, with his "babe-a-ccino." Invitingly presented in a classic espresso cup, the "babe-a-ccino" seems to consist of frothy milk, a sprinkle of cocoa, and only the suggestion of coffee.

Jack, age 2, drinks a babe-a-ccino at the Seesaw cafe in San Francisco - WSJ

What’s next? Constant Reinvention.

What’s next?  I was inspired to consider this question today after reading John D. Halamka’s blog entry on Life as a Heathcare CIO.

Employee Spotlight — Sooying talks about Product Development and life in Singapore

In the second installment of our employee spotlight, we chat with Sooying, our software architect based out of our Singapore office. Sooying is not only an experienced engineer who has helped create award-winning Accellion products for the past eleven years, but also a devoted mother and an avid baker. Sooying has one of the longest tenures at Accellion!

1.What do you do at Accellion?

Accellion in Action: Seattle Children’s Hospital

A recent issue of Research Practitioner Magazine includes the article, “Collaboration Moves Research, Clinical Knowledge” and talks about the importance of medical researchers reaching out to potential collaborators, nearby and globally, as they work on ground-breaking medical research.

Learning from Morgan Stanley’s Data Breach

Morgan Stanley Admits to Loss of Unencrypted CDs” reads the latest data breach headline in SC Magazine. I can’t help but shake my head as this could have been easily avoided.  The lost information contained 34,000 client account and social security numbers, among other confidential data.  The CDs were delivered in tact to the New York State department of taxation and finance’s mail room and disappeared somewhere between there and the intended recipient’s hands.

Beyond the Glitz and Glamour: Mobile Collaboration

Nothing is more interesting to me than watching people interact with their mobile devices, whether that’s an iPhone or iPad, Android, BlackBerry or even those rare Windows phones. People swoosh their fingers across the screen to access page after page of content…whether it’s the New York Times, Washington Post, Facebook, Twitter, and even business content. I know it’s hard to believe, but watching this behavior is actually quite fascinating. People interact with their mobile devices when they’re alone, out with friends or even on a date.

EOL for Space Shuttle – 30 Year Product Life Better Than Most Cars?

Atlantis on October 3, 1985 Photo Credit: NASA/KSC

This week, after 30 years of service, the Atlantis Space Shuttle is scheduled to make its final flight before retirement.  30 years ago we had no iPad or iPhone, we didn’t even have the Internet.  MS-DOS was just released by Microsoft, the hottest computer was the Sinclair ZX80 retailing at $199.95 and the “Best Selling Car in the America” was the Ford Escort.  With this technological perspective the Space Shuttle design is a mind blowing achievement.

In the Cloud, Outside the Cloud...Securing Your Information

In the technology world, we’ve had a few action packed weeks. First, Box announced their integration with Google Docs. Then, Microsoft made their highly anticipated announcement of Microsoft 365, their cloud solution of productivity apps that includes Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Lync. Next, Google rebutted the announcement in their enterprise blog entitled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps”.


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