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Secure Collaboration for the Enterprise

Today Accellion announced the introduction of Accellion Secure Collaboration with Mobile Apps for the enterprise.

We understand that collaboration means many things to many people.  Accellion approaches collaboration from a file sharing perspective and is geared toward securely sharing enterprise information.

Accellion Secure Collaboration extends the award-winning file transfer capabilities our customers already enjoy and also:

Accellion in Action: National Park Service

The Federal Times ran an article yesterday on how IT organizations can make information sharing easier by giving end users more control.  The article featured an interview with Accellion's customer, The U.S. National Park Service.  An excerpt is here:

The National Park Service has some 140 projects in the works thanks to stimulus spending — everything from Everglades restoration in Florida to the rehabilitation of the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall.

Accellion in Action: Enterprise Deployment for Hogarth Worldwide

Today Accellion announced the recent deployment of Hogarth, another global, enterprise-wide implementation for the Accellion managed file transfer solution.

Part of the WPP advertising group, Hogarth Worldwide provides copy localization for advertising agencies across the group. Clients around the globe rely on Hogarth to translate master creatives in print, TV and digital formats, from English into local languages.

It's Not Personal - It's Business

Employees at Wells Fargo really shouldn't take it personally that their CIO, Wayne Mekjian, won't let them use personal devices to access the corporate network - it's just business.

Accellion Celebrates 1000th Customer Win

We’re growing by leaps and bounds here at Accellion. We had a breakout 2010 and the momentum continues today.   Since the beginning of the year we’ve barely had time to catch our breath. We just wrapped up our Q1 Customer Conference last week where we shared with our customers the new products and features coming out in 2011.

But I’m officially taking a few moments to celebrate our 1,000th customer win and to thank our loyal customers for their continued support.

Enterprise File Sharing - IT Jeopardy

Promoted as the biggest contest of "man vs. machine" since Deep Blue took on Kasparov, this week's Jeopardy face-off betwen Watson, IBM's computer creation, and the show's previous grand champions is great entertainment. Regardless of who, or what ultimately wins, it's a thought provoking experiment and spectacle.

Observations from SPTechCon Feb 2011 – SharePoint Technology Conference

For the first time, Accellion exhibited at SPTechCon: The SharePoint Technology Conference in San Francisco, CA.   Since we introduced our SharePoint Plug-in last year we have chatted with a steady stream of SharePoint customers interested in how our solution augments the transfer of files from SharePoint, particularly file transfers with external parties.  Interestingly enough, a recent report published just in time for this two day conference states that SharePoint 2010

Employee Spotlight - Evan Talks Coding And English - The Abridged Version

In the first installment of our employee spotlight, we chat with Evan, one of our engineers at Accellion. Evan is not only a savvy engineer who has worked on a few open source projects (most prominently JRuby and Cshellsynth), but is also a critic and a writer.

1) What do you do at Accellion?

How Do You Protect Lawyers From Themselves?

It’s been a whirl-wind couple of weeks here at Accellion.   Last week we launched our latest product – the Accellion iManage Plug-in, and this week we are showing it to Law Firm CIOs during LegalTech in New York.  As a product marketing manager, nothing is more exciting than seeing a product get launched.  After weeks and sometimes even months of planning, brain-storming, and writing, the whole world gets to see what we have in store for them.

European Data Protection Supervisor Recommends Regulation...

I just read the recent "Opinion" from the European Data Protection Supervisor on the communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions.  Are you still with me?  Hang in there, because it's easy to get lost in this story.

On January 14, 2011 the European Data Protection Supervisor, Peter Hustinx, gave his written opinion regarding the Review of the Data Protection Legal Framework and he gave it a qualified thumbs up - I think?

Here is the text ...


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