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If a tree falls in a forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

If a tree falls in a forest, and no one hears it, does it make a sound?  Or the file sharing equivalent – if an employee uses a free personal file sharing account, and IT doesn’t know about it, does it still present a security risk?  You bet it does.

The Data Breach that Keeps on Giving

The Epsilon data breach of last week keeps on giving, with millions of email notifications being sent out from the companies affected, informing recipients of the incident.  The New York Times has weighed in and made recommendations for Congress to address this type of failure for consumers with an editorial “Who Really Sent That E-Mail?”

Let's Not Forget - Individuals Collaborate, Not Enterprises

We should all thank Corinne Schmid at CMSWire for reminding us of the central role that employees play in Enterprise Collaboration. Far too often articles on collaboration focus on business benefits derived from collaboration, rather than the efficiencies gained by individuals. But the fact remains that if:

Enterprise Collaboration is a journey, it is used to reach a destination by its drivers – Employees.”

Top Ten Reasons You Need Secure Collaboration

10.  Your company has already had a data breach. Don’t make the same mistake twice.  According to a recent survey by McAfee, only half of the companies who have had a data breach or attempted data breach, have taken steps to remediate and protect systems for the future.

"Forget telling execs they can't use their new shiny iPad"

Thanks Mike Rothman, analyst and president at security research firm Securosis, for pointing out in this week's CSO article by George Hulme, that denying execs the use of their shiny new iPads is not going to make anyone popular. We agree with you Mike, "You have to try to find a way to secure these devices the best you can."

GigaOm’s Take on an Antidote for Un-Secure File Sharing

I’m a certified news junkie. I read at least half a dozen online publications every day and one of my favorite sites is GigaOM, in particular their WebWorkerDaily articles. I enjoy reading their articles on how social media is disrupting information flows in the enterprise, and the impact of the increasing use of consumer technologies in the workplace.

Observations from Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit - Part I

Accellion is participating at the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration (PCC) Summit this week as part of the launch of our new Secure Collaboration Solution.

A couple of interesting takeaways from the first day of the Gartner Summit:

Secure Collaboration for the Enterprise

Today Accellion announced the introduction of Accellion Secure Collaboration with Mobile Apps for the enterprise.

We understand that collaboration means many things to many people.  Accellion approaches collaboration from a file sharing perspective and is geared toward securely sharing enterprise information.

Accellion Secure Collaboration extends the award-winning file transfer capabilities our customers already enjoy and also:

Accellion in Action: National Park Service

The Federal Times ran an article yesterday on how IT organizations can make information sharing easier by giving end users more control.  The article featured an interview with Accellion's customer, The U.S. National Park Service.  An excerpt is here:

The National Park Service has some 140 projects in the works thanks to stimulus spending — everything from Everglades restoration in Florida to the rehabilitation of the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall.

Accellion in Action: Enterprise Deployment for Hogarth Worldwide

Today Accellion announced the recent deployment of Hogarth, another global, enterprise-wide implementation for the Accellion managed file transfer solution.

Part of the WPP advertising group, Hogarth Worldwide provides copy localization for advertising agencies across the group. Clients around the globe rely on Hogarth to translate master creatives in print, TV and digital formats, from English into local languages.


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