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Public Cloud Data Handoff – Know the Security Risks

I call it the “public cloud handoff.” You select a public cloud service provider to support a piece of your business and then hand over responsibility for your critical business information, putting the onus on the vendor to care for your enterprise data as if it were their own. However, operating with an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy can cause serious risk to your data security.     

Telemedicine, mHealth – Real Life Stories to Warm Your Heart

Every now and then something crosses your desk that makes you stop for a timeout.  As someone who has worked in the technology industry for more than 20 years, it’s safe to say that I love technology. However the stories that were shared with me today from our customer Seattle Children’s Hospital on their use of Accellion secure mobile file sharing are truly inspiring. Enabling the delivery of critical medical treatment to babies – this is technology delivering true value.

Cloud Sprawl: Operational and Security Risks of Public Cloud Subscriptions

A new study by Avanade, an Accenture and Microsoft joint IT consultancy firm, found that 61 percent of companies worldwide believe cloud sprawl is causing inefficiencies in their business.

We are the 99%: Overwhelming Interest in Private Cloud File Sharing

Despite claims by public cloud file sharing solutions that everyone wants to migrate to public cloud storage, new research by the Enterprise Strategy Group shows organizations are overwhelmingly interested in on-premise private cloud file sharing and hybrid cloud file sharing solutions.

Is Data Leaking Out of Your Mobile Device?

Marble Mobile Security published its study on the top ten riskiest mobile apps, and consumer-grade productivity apps were nearing the top of the list. This is because they “can pose data leak risks to enterprises, as they connect to shared document services, or upload and download documents.”

Box IPO is a Lesson in Business Sustainability

The Box IPO has been expected for months, and its announcement yesterday brought back memories from IPOs of the past. Business Insider said it best, with editor Jay Yarow highlighting that “we're getting an old-school IPO.”

IT Security is only as Strong as the Weakest Link

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link. That’s one of the lessons enterprise IT teams can learn from the recent spate of security breaches.

If partners can connect to an enterprise’s internal network, or enterprise employees regularly exchange files with partners, then the weakest link might be on a partner’s network.

Increasing Data Security in Australia

In our era of constant digital connectivity, the risk of data breaches and personal information becoming public had been a growing concern, which is now being addressed. As of today, Australian citizens can rest a bit easier knowing that the new Australian Privacy Principles are being enforced, and they significantly improve how businesses and federal government agencies collect, store and manage individuals’ personal information.

Healthcare Information Security: When Will Thermometers and Mobile Devices Go Hand-in-Hand

What do nurses really want from their jobs? That’s the question that researcher, K. Lynn Wieck, Ph.D., RN, set out to answer when she surveyed more than 1,500 nurses across 22 hospitals. More money? Less stress? Well, yes, but those wish-list items didn’t top of the list. The number one incentive for staying in a nursing job: working in a cohesive environment.  

SharePoint’s Growing Pains in a Mobile-First World

SharePoint is everywhere. As of late 2012, it was deployed in 80% of the Fortune 500 and could claim 100 million users worldwide. Microsoft continues developing new features and enhancements, and enterprises continue to buy new versions. The SharePoint economy is big, it’s established, and it’s not going away.


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