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Have Your Mobile Collaboration Efforts Gotten Off Track?

Last night I was wracking my brain to come up with one occupation where collaboration isn’t critical. Health care professionals, product engineers, IT, architects, educators, government employees – I was hard-pressed to come up with even one example.

What the smartwatch says about our mobile ecosystem

We’re wired to do things faster, smarter, better – always looking for the next big thing to make our lives easier, our companies more successful, our countries more competitive. Sometimes this works well, like when the iPhone launched. Sometimes it fails spectacularly, such as the Apple Newton.

If Your Pants Have Loops, Wear A Belt: Impress Your Customers With the Details

Your customers are complaining that your product isn’t as cool as the competition. You feel the heat of your sales force breathing down your neck because they don’t like making excuses to customers about how it works, and your customer support team spends twice as much time apologizing than they do solving actual problems. Essentially, in your rush to engineer a great product and solve some very important problems, you’ve let your appearance get sloppy.

It’s Not Your Product, It’s the Experience

Editing PDFs on Mobile Devices Can Be Pretty Darn Frustrating

Reviewing and marking up multi-page PDFs can be a chore in and of itself. But if you’re an attorney finalizing a brief, a product manager drafting a software installation guide or a physician publishing medical research, it’s all part of the job. And often, the clock is ticking.

So being able to annotate such documents on mobile devices, whether in the office, at home or on the go, can be a huge time saver – at least in an ideal world. The problem is that the process is typically less than efficient and more critically, less than secure.

Attention Law Firms: Are You Hindering or Helping Mobile Productivity?

Lawyers are busy individuals; very busy.  In fact, most produce, on average, between 20,000 and 100,000 pages of documents per year. In order to increase productivity and response times, attorneys require mobile access around the clock. That’s all said and good but that presents two big challenges for IT: 1) enabling mobile access for high volumes of data-intensive materials and 2) keeping the data, which is typically confidential in nature, secure in the process.

Don’t Ditch Your Product, Ditch The Experience

If you are wondering why your competition is speeding past you while your product is more sophisticated and feature-rich, you might stop looking at your engineers and start chatting with your customers. Sometimes a shift in your customer experience can turn your product into the flavor-of-the-month.

The SharePoint Mobile Disconnect: Android Devices Left Out in the Cold

The surge in popularity of Android devices has caught many organizations off guard, wondering how to marry Android devices with content stored in SharePoint. According to IDC, Android OS posted a 163% year over year growth and grabbed 63% market share in Q2 2013, while the combined Windows Phone and Windows Mobile OS’ market share was only 4.5%.

Working in an any device world

The professional workforce today is very different from that of 13 years ago when I first moved to Silicon Valley. Back then one laptop per employee was a luxury and Dell’s devices were the choice of any tech-savvy employee. Today, an employee starting at Accellion has at least three devices – laptop, tablet and smartphone – if not more. In this world of multiple devices per employees, there are positives and negatives.

Why multitasking is actually slowing us down


The average person is now armed with 2.9 mobile devices. As we continue to collect new devices, we as managers need to ensure we’re keeping our workforce productive as they make the most of the latest and greatest technological advances. – Three Strikes; You’re Out

Dan Tynan, a reporter, is playing the role of umpire. No, he hasn’t been on the field for the  Red Sox/Cardinals world series games, but he is calling the shots when it comes to security & compliance and storing personal data in the cloud. Here’s his play by play:


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