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Get your enterprise content (safely) into the hands of your mobile workers

Last week I wrote about finding a better way to use sync technologies so that all employees can access the information they need, on the device they choose. What if instead of sync, you gave everyone direct access from their mobile devices to the latest versions of corporate documents?  This is a new frontier in productivity: mobile access to enterprise content management (ECM) systems.

Be an IT Superhero

We know IT departments have long been the Hero in any organization – working to protect sensitive information from villains, and help the technologically-challenged navigate the perils of the BYOD. It’s a big job and one that would certainly be easier with superhuman powers.

Are we syncing too much?

Sync is one of the most valuable additions to any mobile operating system.  Sync is what enables us to keep information automatically synchronized across phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computing devices so that we can continue working and playing from any device we pick up.  Yet, relying on sync to provide mobile data accessibility can create a surprising number of new problems that can impact the overall productivity of a company.

72% of Organizations Rate Own Mobile Security as Poor-to-Adequate

Mobile security continues to be a hot topic of conversation among CIOs and IT directors – as it should be with 97% of employees using mobile devices on the job. That number tells us that the majority of organizations today are supporting BYOD, but yet a shocking number (72%) have yet to take action to properly secure those devices and the mobile content that is being accessed and shared day in and day out.

Mobile management 101: Delegating to a distracted team


Does your management team have what it takes to lead and manage a mobile workforce?  With all the talk about the mobile workforce, the conversation often revolves around employee requirements, productivity, and IT infrastructure needed to securely support remote workers. What isn’t discussed often enough, and should be, is how leaders’ management skills need to evolve to fit into our mobile-enabled world.

Achieving Mobile Productivity Myth or Magic?

The following is a guest post from Bill French  founder and editor @iPadCTO

Practical Guideposts for Producing Mobile Productivity Magic

The magical productivity that some businesses and enterprise workers experience with mobile devices is not determined solely by the device, nor can mobile software account for 100% of all mobile success.

SharePoint on a Mobile Device – Can’t Get There From Here?

The widespread use of Microsoft SharePoint has made it a must-have tool for information and knowledge workers.

Getting Jumpy About The Cloud?

I read an excellent article in The Register that, for me, was a leap forward in understanding the issue of data sovereignty. The author, Aaron Milne, makes the killer point that it doesn't matter who owns the data but "who has supreme power and authority over your data."

He asks the question:

Can BYOD Drive Mobile Productivity?

The following is a guest post from Ojas Rege, VP of Strategy @mobileiron. Accellion and MobileIron partner to provide enterprises with secure mobile device and content management. 

Headed to the gas station? Hold on to your mobile phone!

Studies show that most of us will lose a smartphone at least once this year. With employees using their own personal devices with free consumer grade apps for device sync, mobile file sharing, and public cloud back up, this can be a big problem for the enterprise. Interestingly, where the “oops” moment happens might depend on where you live according to a recent study.


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