The kiteworks Mobile App for Symantec

The kiteworks mobile app has been integrated with the Symantec Sealed security libraries to give users easy access to content while also ensuring the highest level of security and control that organizations require.


Accellion and Symantec

Symantec Sealed Program

The kiteworks mobile app for Symantec takes advantage of rich security capabilities provided by the Symantec Sealed security libraries within an ecosystem of other IT trusted apps, including:

  • Encrypt mobile data with certified FIPS 140-2 algorithms
  • Enforce local data storage policies, including enabling and restricting copy/paste of data and document sharing between managed apps within the secure workspace.
  • Enforce network setting policies to ensure secure HTTP data-in-transit, including requiring a secure (SSL) connection for wrapped kiteworks app and use of secure web browsers, blocking the kiteworks app from going to unauthorized websites, and whitelisting URLs.
  • Enable and restrict offline access at the app level.
  • Control iOS 7 features: AirDrop®, AirPrint™, social media file sharing, Safari® reading list, iTunes® sharing, and iCloud sharing.
  • Manage user authentication, re-authentication, and single sign-on (SSO) within the secure workspace.
  • Manage policies remotely via Over-the-air (OTA) management, including push, revoke, remote wipe on an app-by-app basis.
  • Destroy data and disable kiteworks app on jailbroken or rooted devices.

Key features of the joint kiteworks and Symantec Sealed Solution:

  • •Securely create, edit, and share enterprise content while content policies (ex. cut/paste) and access controls are transparently managed and applied without impeding end-user productivity.
  • •Access content across file sources (SharePoint and Windows File Shares), while at the same time keeping it secured within an IT defined app ecosystem, delivering greater control over content movement between apps.
  • •Disable iOS7 capabilities such as AirDrop, AirPrint and iCloud sharing preventing content leaks from kiteworks app.
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  • Create policies that enable greater content security such as restricting the ability to cut-and-paste text to ensure content can be worked on without it being misappropriated.
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  • Enforce app level policy. If the kiteworks app or device policy is violated, or if there is a need to revoke app level access, the kiteworks app, its container and all of its contents can be selectively-wiped, while keeping other device data intact, protecting content and providing a flexible solution for enterprise BYOD policy.
Accellion and Symantec

The kiteworks mobile app for Symantec is designed to add application data security and enable granular application management via the Symantec Sealed Program.