Accellion Brings Encryption to Managed File Transfer in the Cloud and On-Premise

Helps Organizations Meet Regulatory Compliance

December 1, 2009 –

Palo Alto, California – December 1, 2009 — Accellion, Inc. raises the bar for encryption and protection of files during transfer with its release of Accellion Encryption for Secure File Transfer. Accellion disk and file transfer encryption capabilities provide government agencies and enterprises with the necessary safeguards to prevent data breaches and mitigate threats to data in motion as required by the HITECH act, HIPPA and other regulatory compliance mandates.   

Encrypting user files before storing them on a disk eliminates risk at the file transfer source. Accellion offers seamless client-side encryption of files before they are sent. The keys are different for each transaction and are not stored on the appliance. This, along with transparent logging and reporting, provides increased confidence and protection against inside threats. Encrypting the disk means that any unauthorized access to servers in the Cloud or on-premise will not compromise file security.

“With data breach incidents on the rise and the new HITECH law, there is an elevated need to securely and efficiently transfer large digital files,” said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO of Accellion. “Accellion disk and file transfer encryption capabilities help organizations maintain compliance by ensuring confidential files remains secure during transfer or in the event of a loss, theft or security breach.”

Accellion Encryption lowers data breach risks and provides assurance that files in motion and files at rest, either in the cloud or on-premise, are secure and protected from unauthorized access. Utilizing AES 128-bit encryption, Accellion Encryption includes both disk and file transfer encryption and is available for the Accellion Managed Cloud Service as well as the range of virtual, physical and cloud appliances that Accellion offers. Accellion also offers a FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified appliance for secure file transfer.


Corporations and government agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect the transfer of confidential information. The Accellion Secure File Transfer solution allows users to securely send and receive large encrypted files and folders up to 20GB. With unmatched encryption and authentication check points, it validates recipients so confidential information is not overexposed. Accellion Secure File Transfer also provides an audit trail for tracking and reporting who received a file and when.

Accellion disk encryption is available immediately for Accellion virtual and physical secure file transfer appliances in addition to the individual file encryption feature already offered. For additional information, please

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