Accellion, Inc. Debuts Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance Version 4.5

Newest Version of Award-Winning Secure File Transfer Solution Enhances Ease-of-Use with File Cabinet Function, Intuitive User Interface

Palo Alto, Calif. – Mar 8, 2006 –


Accellion, Inc., an award-winning provider of on-demand secure file transfer appliance and data management solutions, today announced the availability of its Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance (SFTA) Version 4.5. Accellion Courier SFTA Version 4.5 features a streamlined web-based user interface, an intuitive File Cabinet function, and a greater capacity to manage files and users. The added capabilities and functionality of the newest version of Courier SFTA further facilitate user-initiated and bi-directional trans-organization secure file transfer capabilities--common requirements in today's business processes.

In releasing Courier SFTA Version 4.5, Accellion has revamped the appliance's web user interface, creating an intuitive webmail-like interface that allows for easy deployment in organizations, as well as requiring minimum user training or on-going tech support. Courier SFTA Version 4.5 also introduces the concept of "File Cabinet" to help streamline processes when users need to store and disseminate information on-demand. Finally, SFTA 4.5 provides a number of new administrative features that enable additional files and user controls while retaining the "setup-and-forget" attraction of an appliance solution.

In short, Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance allows internal and external users to send and receive files bi-directionally on the same platform without adding administrative overhead or IT infrastructure burden. The newest version of Courier SFTA offers an intuitive web interface with end-to-end file security and policy-based file lifecycle management. Accellion Courier SFTA also supports plug-in integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes email clients, and offers clustering for multi-site load balancing, intelligent replication, and failover in multi-site enterprises.

"Accellion is pleased to debut version 4.5 of its Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance," said Yorgen Edholm, CEO and President of Accellion. "The enhanced user interface, new File Cabinet function, and additional administrative features will support our customers in leveraging secure file transfer capabilities as a core business process."

Additional information regarding Accellion's Courier SFTA 4.5 solution can be found at or call (650) 739-0095.

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