Accellion Makes Global Collaboration Easier With Internationalization of Secure File Transfer Solution

Multi-Language Support and Extended User and IT Features Improve Business Efficiency Around the Globe

Palo Alto, Calif. – June 5, 2007 –


Accellion, Inc. (, the leading provider of on-demand secure file transfer solutions for enterprise users, announced today the internationalization of its Secure File Transfer solution. Multi-language support and enhanced end user and IT management features improve global business efficiency, security and collaboration.

In today's global economy, enterprise collaboration between colleagues, customers, and partners around the world and across multiple languages is essential for business success. The internationalization of Accellion's Secure File Transfer solution makes global collaboration easier with secure file transfer user interfaces localized for six languages: English, French, German, Korean, Japanese and simplified Chinese.

Over the past three decades, Millward Brown has grown to be one of the world's leading research companies. With offices in more than 43 countries, global collaboration, project execution and shared best practices are critical to the company's continued success. "We originally implemented the Accellion Secure File Transfer solution as part of a broader corporate initiative to reduce the volume of email attachments. As our global presence has grown, so has our use of the Accellion solution," said Kean Millward, CTO, Millward Brown. "Today we rely on Accellion to securely send and receive large files with both internal and external partners around the world. The ability to operate the system using the local language is a requirement for some markets such as France. And, in general, we consider the ability to collaborate in multiple languages a huge bonus as our employees and clients can now communicate in a language that is familiar to them."

With the today's announcement Accellion is also introducing new features to its secure file transfer solution (version 6.0) that will further improve business efficiency and security when sharing large files. These new features will eliminate IT management issues known to cause collaboration delays for companies working with multiple time zones, languages, and operating systems. The new file transfer features introduced by Accellion will also alleviate some of the security and compliance issues affecting both local and global enterprises. These new features include:

  • a secondary audit trail to confirm or collaborate with the primary audit trail through the addition of Syslog capabilities;
  • simplified management of appliances for companies with a heterogeneous environment through the addition of SNMP support;
  • a local hot fail-over capability with the addition of Accellion Local Clustering System (ALCS);
  • Outlook 2007 support for early adopters;
  • script support for Windows, Linux and Mac;
  • additional user access security settings including password expiration, blocked password, and time out policies; and
  • the ability for users to invite others to use Accellion file transfer.

"Today's announcement is all about the global economy. At Accellion we recognize and support our customers' needs to collaborate globally with business partners located around the world. Our new multi-language support for secure file transfer provides enterprise customers with improved business efficiency and performance," said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO, Accellion.



Accellion Secure File Transfer v6.0 is available immediately. Additional information about Accellion secure file transfer solutions can be found at


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