Businesses Report Big Cost Savings By Replacing Overnight Delivery Services

Accellion Digital Delivery Enables Companies to Reduce Costs and Delivery Time

Palo Alto, California – December 16, 2008 –


As businesses focus on reducing costs and streamlining operations, research confirms that moving away from expensive shipping methods such as overnight delivery and courier services and replacing them with Accellion digital delivery has substantiated financial benefits. By choosing to transfer digital information via Accellion’s file transfer technology, companies are reporting lower operating costs due to significantly reduced shipping expenses and associated consumable costs for paper, CDs and thumb drives. Additional benefits cited include substantially reduced delivery time, increased security, reduced paper consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

GSD&M Idea City, a full service advertising agency with over 500 employees, relied heavily on overnight shipping and courier services to share information and campaigns too large for email. Within one year of implementing Accellion digital delivery the company reports significantly lower shipping and related consumables costs.

"With Accellion we no longer need physical shipping to share ideas with our clients and colleagues. As a result, we have reduced our agency shipping costs by 35 percent," said Dallas LaRose, enterprise systems supervisor for GSD&M Idea City. "The Accellion solution has also enabled us to achieve a 27 percent reduction in client shipping costs; a savings we pass directly to our customers."

In addition to the many financial benefits, Mr. LaRose cited competitive benefits associated with the move from physical to digital delivery of information including the ability to share ideas in near-real time. Additionally, because the Accellion solution is designed specifically for enterprises, it is a more secure transfer method than handing information over to a third party.

Minneapolis-based law firm Foley & Mansfield has also reported a substantial reduction in operational cost as a direct result of the firm’s reduced reliance on overnight delivery and courier services. According to Laura Danielson, chief operating officer of the consulting agency commissioned by Foley & Mansfield to carry out the project, in one year alone Foley & Mansfield saved in excess of $100,000 in a combined cost savings associated with overnight shipping, tangible products such as media supplies, copying costs, and manpower hours.

"The benefits associated with the Accellion solution go well beyond financial savings," said Ms. Danielson. "Real time access to information has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of the attorneys while offering a higher level of service to clients."

"The use of overnight delivery for sending digital information is still a common business practice for many corporations despite rising delivery charges and data security concerns," said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO, Accellion. "Accellion digital delivery has been shown to help companies cut these costs and at the same time cut collaboration time and increase data security."

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