Drupal Enterprise-Level Web Developer: Corporate Web Properties Manager

Job Description and Desired Skills: 

This position is responsible for developing, improving and updating the performance of Accellion’s web properties, including corporate Drupal based website, and microsites to ensure the company’s web properties stay online, operate flawlessly and deliver a rich online experience.

The successful candidate will have overall responsibility for Accellion’s web properties, including ownership of all web development for corporate web properties, requiring close collaboration with IT, Operations and Marketing teams. This position reports to the Director of Digital Marketing and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage Accellion’s Enterprise-Level Drupal 7 Website, which includes 4 international versions, the corporate blog and several micro-sites.
  • Provide Drupal development and theming including translation of visual proposals by the Creative Team into fully functional Drupal solutions.
  • Design and implement functional improvements and launch new website services.
  • Manage the integration of the Drupal System with third-party applications including Olark Chat, Marketo, Salesforce, FeedBurner, Google Analytics.
  • Integrate internal sales and marketing systems for ecommerce and online customer acquisition and provisioning.
  • Manage a local Drupal Environment comprising DAMP: Acquia Dev Desktop, PHPMyAdmin.
  • Work with the IT Department to ensure the proper functioning of the Staging and Production Environments
  • Manage the local Backup System (DB Backup, GIT version control, Rsync), supervise the remote backup System managed by IT department
  • Manage Web and SEO Analytics including analysis of website performance and publishing of metrics on website performance
  • Maintain and improve the Accellion web properties as valuable resources for the company.
  • 3+ years of professional web developer experience including preferably more that 3-4 years of Drupal experience
  • Desired experience with the following Drupal 7 Modules: CCK, Views, Views Slideshow, Entity, Entity API, Entity Tokens, Taxonomy, Devel, Features, Custom Formatters, Menu Minipanels, Locale, Internationalization Pack, Blog, CSS Injector, Elysia Cron, Quicktabs, Revisioning, Search Restrict, Token, Panels, Mini Panels, Quiz, Rules, Custom Search, Services, ShareThis, Google Analytics, BeautyTips, LightBox2, Wysiwyg, Variable, Workflow, XML Sitemap.
  • Experience with responsive Drupal web development.
  • LAMP / DAMP environments. Acquia Dev Desktop. PHPMyAdmin.
  • GIT Version Control.
  • Command Line. Basic UNIX.
  • PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS.
  • Knowledge and experience working with Google Analytics, Google Webmasters, Moz, Crazy Egg.Proficient in HTML, HTTP, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Flash
  • Extreme attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
To Apply: 

If you are interested in applying for this job, please send your resume to jobs@accellion.com and include the job title in the subject line.