Accellion Honors Customer Deployment of Eco-Friendly File Transfer

Procter & Gamble, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, and Activision Named 2008 Accellion Green Award Winners

Palo Alto, California – April 29, 2008 –


Accellion, Inc. ( today announced the winners of the 2008 Accellion Green Award. Award recipients Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG), Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide (NASDAQ: WPPGY) and Activision will be honored on May 1, 2008 at an awards dinner. The Accellion Green Award recognizes corporations that are "power" users of Accellion technology and their significant environmental contributions in choosing to send information digitally.

"Using Accellion digital delivery to send information has significant financial and environmental benefits over traditional physical shipping methods," said Yorgen Edholm, President and CEO of Accellion. "The environmental savings from Accellion add up quickly from reduced paper usage, elimination of overnight shipments of CDs and associated CO2 emissions from use of trucks and planes to deliver digital information. We applaud the 2008 Accellion Green Award winners for the environmental contributions they are making when entrusting Accellion to deliver their digital information."This year's award recipients were selected from over 400 companies worldwide, all of whom are using Accellion to transfer their digital data. Every day terabytes of data are moved via Accellion, each terabyte represents the equivalent savings of 50,000 trees made into paper and printed, or 2,000 CDs of digital data shipped via overnight delivery.

Each of the 2008 Accellion Green Award winners is a major contributor to the worldwide volume of eco-friendly file transfer. "We are pleased to be recognized for this award," said Jeff Nicolai, eMail & Web Content Service Manager at Procter & Gamble. "Across P&G we are on a journey to deliver an additional 10% reduction in the environmental footprint of our operations by 2012. Every step we take to reduce printing and overnight deliveries helps in this effort." "At Ogilvy talking about environmental responsibility is simply not enough. On a global basis we have taken many steps to do our part in contributing to the sustainability of the environment," said Yuri Aguiar, Senior Partner, Chief Technology Officer at Ogilvy Worldwide. "Reducing CO2 emissions by sending information digitally via Accellion is just one of the eco-friendly steps we have taken to help tackle climate change.""As a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products, we have a constant need to move large digital files between our global offices," said Thomas Fenady, Senior Director, Information Technology at Activision. "Using the Accellion technology we are now able to move terabytes of data in near real time without shipping disks via trucks, or planes. We are pleased to be honored for our efforts to help eliminate unnecessary CO2 emissions."

Accellion Green


Earlier this month Accellion launched the Accellion Green Digital Logistics solution which enables users to continuously track and monitor the digital delivery of information and the related pounds of CO2 saved. Accellion Green is the latest solution offering from Accellion and is specifically designed for organizations that currently use traditional overnight courier vendors to ship time-sensitive information. It offers digital delivery at digital speeds, at a fraction of the cost of traditional overnight courier services without the security concerns of lost disks and lost packages.

In addition Accellion also offers Accellion Blue, an FTP replacement solution and Accellion Gold, an email attachment solution that addresses email bandwidth and storage issues created by large email file attachments. All Accellion solutions are by nature Green. However, Accellion Green is specifically designed for those organizations who want to track their environmental savings in real-time. Additional information about Accellion secure file transfer solutions and its Green Initiative can be found at

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