Accellion Enterprise Plug-ins put secure file sharing at the fingertips of business users enabling organizations to support efficient collaboration while securely sharing sensitive information.  By utilizing Accellion, organizations have the secure and auditable file sharing processes required for for protection of intellectual property and compliance with industry and government regulations including Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and FDA. View Accellion Microsoft Plugins Datasheet >>

Accellion Outlook Plug-in

Enables business users to securely send files and folders up to 100GB in size, directly from Microsoft Outlook. Files and folders are offloaded from the email system, freeing up email bandwidth and storage.   All file and folder sharing is tracked and logged by the Accellion system. When enabled by the IT Administrator, the plug-in also provides flexible end-user security controls including the ability to set the file/folder link expiration and control file/folder access. 

Accellion SharePoint Plug-in

Enables SharePoint users to securely send any size file from within the SharePoint Document Library to both internal and external recipients across the DMZ.  Using the Accellion Microsoft SharePoint Plug-in, users can securely share data with partners, vendors and other outside parties without IT having to build an expensive external facing SharePoint server farm.

Accellion Lync Plug-in

Augments Microsoft unified communications (IM, Audio, Video and Web conferencing) by enabling users to securely send files in real-time from within  Lync.  The Accellion Lync Plug-in enables users to securely send files during an IM session,  voice, video or web conferencing, and desktop sharing, allowing users to streamline communication across external, federated, and PIC users. 

Accellion iManage Plug-in

Enables legal professionals to quickly, easily, and securely transfer files directly from the Autonomy iManage WorkSite application to business partners, outside counsel, and clients.  Files of any size can be sent directly from within the FileSite and DeskSite application. View Accellion iManage Datasheet >>