Accellion Helps Customers Document Conformance with Security and Compliance Requirements for Electronic File Transfers

Survey results confirm need for broader tracking and reporting features introduced in Accellion's Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance

Palo Alto, Calif. – Feb 21, 2007 –


Accellion, Inc. (, the leading provider of on-demand secure file transfer solutions for enterprise users, announced today availability of new features that enable broader tracking and reporting capabilities for electronic file transfers, in response to customers' increasing needs to document conformance with security and compliance requirements.

New functionality introduced in Accellion's Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance version 5.5 allows IT and end users to easily document how they conform to security and compliance requirements such as:

  • Protecting the confidentiality of the information being sent;
  • Maintaining the integrity of the information being sent; and
  • Confirming the identity of the intended recipients in order to control who has access to the information.

Survey Validates Customer Needs


In a formal survey of IT professionals in organizations ranging from two employees to 220,000, the vast majority of companies indicated they use electronic methods to transfer files between organizations. However, 82 percent of respondents, all of whom have responsibility for overseeing data-file transfer methods, expressed concern that their current processes are not meeting the accepted standards for safeguarding private information.

"With regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, and the recently enacted Federal Rules of Civil Procedure on record retention, the ability to clearly document how security and compliance are maintained is an important requirement for most enterprises," said Yorgen H. Edholm, president and CEO of Accellion. "The Accellion commissioned survey on the current state of security and compliance for enterprise file transfer processes reaffirms what we have been hearing from our customers, that security and compliance for electronic file transfer is a concern for the majority of companies."

The survey, conducted by Osterman Research and analyzed by Essential Solutions, was designed to investigate the mechanisms typically used for file transfers in enterprises and gauge comfort level with the compliance of these processes with regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, HIPAA and FRCP. The survey findings validated the product development direction at Accellion to provide enhanced features to meet the need of customers to clearly document how they conform to security and compliance requirements.

Unlike the traditional file transfer solutions such as FTP and SFTP servers, Accellion's secure file transfer solution provides a complete security and compliance loop for enterprise users to:

  • Receive large files securely;
  • Log the access history of files sent - who downloaded what and when; and
  • Log the send history of files - what and when was sent to whom.

Accellion's secure file transfer appliance 5.5 also introduces new usability enhancements such as the ability to add carbon copy (CC) and blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients for the file transfer process. Moreover, the administrative console has added standard and proprietary diagnostic tools allowing for rapid troubleshooting.


Accellion Courier Secure File Transfer Appliance 5.5 is available immediately. Additional information about Accellion secure file transfer solutions can be found at

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