Accellion Virtual Appliance for Secure File Transfer Receives VMware Certification

Providing Enterprises an Easy and Secure Means for Sharing Large Digital Files in VMware Virtualized Environments

Palo Alto, California – May 28, 2008 –


Accellion, Inc. ( today announced that the Accellion File Transfer virtual appliance has received VMware certification, adding Accellion's managed file transfer solution to the VMware Certified Virtual Appliance Program. The solution is one of more than 700 virtual appliances available on theVMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace.

Virtual appliances are pre-built, pre-configured, ready-to-run enterprise applications packaged with an operating system inside a virtual machine. The Accellion File Transfer Virtual Appliance helps companies transmit large digital files securely and efficiently in a manner that integrates with the industry-leading VMware virtualization platform. Accellion's enterprise file transfer solution is more secure, economical and easy to use for both IT administrators and managers.

"As the first managed file transfer vendor to achieve VMware certification, this is an important milestone for Accellion," said Yorgen Edholm, President and CEO of Accellion. "Accellion is committed to providing a comprehensive file transfer solution for today's rapidly changing business environments. Achieving VMware certification assures customers they are implementing a solution that is reliable, more secure, and compatible with the VMware virtualization platform."

Accellion customers can quickly send and receive large files in a format that adheres to strict security and privacy requirements. Accellion also offers tracking and reporting capabilities to ensure that all documents comply with policy requirements during electronic file transfers.

GSD&M Idea City, based in Austin, TX, is an innovative advertising agency that wanted its file transfer solution to integrate with VMware virtualization. The agency was particularly concerned about transferring rich media files for client commercial production.

"When we installed the Accellion solution to evaluate it, the product quickly became the benchmark for how a secure file transfer product should work," said Dallas LaRose, GSD&M Idea City, Enterprise Systems Supervisor. "The Accellion virtual appliance is easy to deploy, and we had it running with minimal setup."

"Given the enormous volume of digital data created every day, providing a secure and convenient way for organizations to transfer large files is important," said William Shelton, director of emerging products and solutions at VMware. "This is exactly what Accellion offers, and VMware certification should give customers confidence and peace of mind knowing that Accellion's virtual appliance is optimized for the VMware platform."

Virtual appliances certified for VMware accelerate software deployment, simplify software management and allow customers to run more secure software. Customers are also able to leverage the significant business benefits of VMware virtualization, including reduced capital and operating expenses, business continuity, strengthened security, and a smaller carbon footprint through lowered energy consumption. Customers also realize additional environmental benefits with the Accellion virtual appliance such as the elimination of packaging and transportation, reduced delivery and courier services, a smaller hardware footprint, and greatly reduced power consumption.

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Accellion, Inc. is a profitable, well-funded, private company that provides enterprise-class mobile file sharing solutions to enable secure, anytime, anywhere access to information while ensuring enterprise security and compliance. More than 9 million users and 1,600 of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies including Procter & Gamble; Activision; Indiana University Health; Kaiser Permanente; Foley & Mansfield; Lovells; Bridgestone; Ogilvy & Mather; Harvard University; Guinness World Records; US Securities and Exchange Commission; and NASA use Accellion to protect intellectual property, ensure compliance, improve business productivity and reduce IT costs. Accellion file sharing solutions can be deployed on public, private and hybrid cloud environments and provide the ease-of-use business users need while giving the enterprise organization the flexibility, scalability and protection it needs. For more information please visit or call (650)-485-4300. Follow Accellion’s Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.