Critt Graham + Associates Select Accellion's Enterprise Courier File Transfer Appliance to Accelerate Secure File Collaboration and Speed Product Delivery

Award winning design communication firm accelerates product development and delivery by securely exchanging files among geographically separate creative groups

Palo Alto, Calif – Sept. 6, 2005 –


Accellion, Inc., a leader in secure file transfer and data management solutions, today announced the deployment of its flagship product, Accellion Courier File Transfer Appliance, by the award-winning strategic communications firm Critt Graham + Associates. The internationally acclaimed firm is headquartered in Atlanta and operates offices in New York and Boston.

Celebrating its 25th year as an integrated corporate, investor and marketing communications firm, Critt recently received two prestigious awards, the International ARC Award, honoring excellence in annual reports, and an International iNOVA Award for corporate website design.

Critt Graham + Associates provides strategically-focused print and interactive media to many of America's leading corporations, and the firm has won numerous awards for its work with customers such as Tyson Foods, Inc. and Fisher Scientific International.

Accellion Courier File Transfer Appliance provides Critt Graham with the ability to allow both internal and external users to send very large files (beyond 1GB) with ease. With the Accellion solution, large files travel separately from the e-mail messaging infrastructure and do not clog servers.

"Accellion's Courier FTA removed a major roadblock in our business process," said Jon Wyche, IT System Administrator. "We now send files via the Courier FTA, and are relieved by the knowledge that the files move separately and securely via Accellion's solution. Files are delivered to the intended recipient without choking e-mail servers, without FTP administration hassle, and without changing end-user processes. Ultimately, the appliance delivers our creative products more quickly, helps us win awards for our customers, and improves our bottom-line."

"Accellion technology is the preferred choice of enterprise customers who want to securely transfer gigabyte-sized files. With regulatory mandates and security concerns, our customers find Courier File Transfer Appliance the perfect solution for both IT departments and end-users. We developed this affordable solution to serve any-size workplace in today's business world, which is often driven by e-mail attachments and requires the transfer of large files," said Yorgen Edholm, President and CEO of Accellion.

"As a plug-and-play system that compliments the existing email infrastructure, a secure, ad hoc and appropriately designed and configured FTA has the advantage of being highly scalable to meet user demands without requiring extensive configuration every time there is a change in the messaging or network infrastructure," said Michael Osterman of Osterman Research.

Oftentimes both intermediary and final work products can occupy many megabytes of space, requiring a sophisticated file transfer system. As a best-of-breed product, Accellion Courier FTA provides secure on-demand file transfer, eliminates FTP bottlenecks, and streamlines data flow between headquarter staff, partners, and customer design organizations.

About Accellion Courier File Transfer Appliances


Accellion Courier Standard File Transfer Appliance, designed for single site and medium to high volume users, makes sending files as easy as web-based e-mail while offering end-to-end file security and policy-based automatic file lifecycle management.

Accellion Courier Enterprise File Transfer Appliance, designed for multi-site and high volume users, is a full-featured enterprise product that, in addition to the features available in the Standard Appliance, supports plug-in integration with Outlook and Lotus clients as well as clustering for multi-site load balancing, intelligent replication and failover.


About Accellion
Accellion, Inc. is a profitable, well-funded, private company that provides enterprise-class mobile file sharing solutions to enable secure, anytime, anywhere access to information while ensuring enterprise security and compliance. More than 9 million users and 1,600 of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies including Procter & Gamble; Activision; Indiana University Health; Kaiser Permanente; Foley & Mansfield; Lovells; Bridgestone; Ogilvy & Mather; Harvard University; Guinness World Records; US Securities and Exchange Commission; and NASA use Accellion to protect intellectual property, ensure compliance, improve business productivity and reduce IT costs. Accellion file sharing solutions can be deployed on public, private and hybrid cloud environments and provide the ease-of-use business users need while giving the enterprise organization the flexibility, scalability and protection it needs. For more information please visit or call (650)-485-4300. Follow Accellion’s Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.