Survey Reveals Increased Security Concerns Drive Demand for Managed File Transfer Solutions

Customers Report Savings in Excess of $200,000/yr from Reduced IT Administration and Delivery Costs

March 17, 2009 –

Palo Alto, California – March 17, 2009 — Accellion, Inc. today announced the results of its annual global customer survey which found that security concerns, email attachment size limitations and frustration over FTP complexities continue to be the top reasons customers deploy Accellion managed file transfer solutions. Accellion customers also reported significant cost savings from both a reduction in IT support and overnight delivery charges.

Survey results show security concerns have increased in importance. The top security concerns which led customers to purchase Accellion’s managed file transfer solutions include ensuring confidentiality of data, confidence in delivery of data to intended recipient, access control, encryption capabilities and data breaches.

“Accellion’s annual customer survey is the most important benchmark for verifying and validating the tremendous value our products offer customers,” said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO of Accellion. “Accellion Managed File Transfer was designed with the enterprise customer in mind, offering security and compliance features that satisfy the strictest data protection requirements.”

The survey also gathered data related to cost savings from reduced IT administration and support, and reduced delivery/courier service costs. In addition the survey explored overall satisfaction and purchase motivations for selecting Accellion managed file transfer. More than ten percent of the survey respondents reported reduced IT Administration costs of at least $100,000 per year of which one percent realized savings of $200,000/yr or more as a result of deploying Accellion managed file transfer.

Substantial savings where also reported in delivery and courier services where ten percent of customers reported at least $100,000/yr of cost savings of which two percent saved an astounding $200,000/yr or more on file delivery charges after deploying Accellion.

“In today’s economic climate every dollar a business can move to the bottom line by reducing operating expenses can mean the difference between profit and loss,” Edholm concluded.


Cost Savings: IT AdministrationCost Savings: Deliver/Courier Services
1 percent saved >$200,000/yr2 percent saved >$200,000/yr
11 percent saved >$100,000/yr10 percent saved >$100,000/yr
21 percent saved >$50,000/yr24 percent saved >$50,000/yr
31 percent saved >$25,000/yr38 percent saved >$25,000/yr
69 percent saved >$10,000/yr55 percent saved >$10,000/yr


About Accellion
Accellion, Inc. is a profitable, well-funded, private company that provides enterprise-class mobile file sharing solutions to enable secure, anytime, anywhere access to information while ensuring enterprise security and compliance. More than 9 million users and 1,600 of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies including Procter & Gamble; Activision; Indiana University Health; Kaiser Permanente; Foley & Mansfield; Lovells; Bridgestone; Ogilvy & Mather; Harvard University; Guinness World Records; US Securities and Exchange Commission; and NASA use Accellion to protect intellectual property, ensure compliance, improve business productivity and reduce IT costs. Accellion file sharing solutions can be deployed on public, private and hybrid cloud environments and provide the ease-of-use business users need while giving the enterprise organization the flexibility, scalability and protection it needs. For more information please visit or call (650)-485-4300. Follow Accellion’s Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.