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kiteworks overview - work wherever the wind takes you
kiteworks is a secure mobile file-sharing solution from Accellion that enables users to securely collaborate on files and projects. kiteworks provides organizations with an intuitive re-imagined user interface that empowers users to seamlessly access, share, and manage content across devices with a streamlined and consistent experience across mobile, web, and desktop.
Duration: 1:01 min
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kiteworks for Lines of Business

kiteworks for Sales Teams
Close deals faster with kiteworks and enable your sales team to stay productive all the time, from any device, with easy and secure file sharing and collaboration tools.
Duration: 1:14 min
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kiteworks for Field Operations Teams
Increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with kiteworks. Provide your field workers with easy and secure file sharing and collaboration tools to complete field installations, testing, and resolve problems faster – from anywhere, from any mobile device.
Duration: 1:06 min
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kiteworks for Medical Staff
Accelerate patient care, facilitate collaboration, and improve productivity with kiteworks. Enable medical teams and experts to securely share patient information for faster diagnosis and improved care while ensuring HIPAA compliance.
Duration: 1:24 min
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kiteworks for Legal Teams
Execute contracts and agreements more quickly with kiteworks. Provide your legal teams with easy and secure file sharing and collaboration tools to access case files and business documents from any mobile device, laptop, or desktop.
Duration: 1:31 min
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kiteworks for Marketing Teams
Beat the competition by increasing marketing productivity with easy and secure file sharing tools. With kiteworks, your marketing team can collaborate with team members and outside vendors, on product launches, tradeshows, advertising, and multiple marketing campaigns from any mobile device, laptop or desktop.
Duration: 1:18 min
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Voice of Customers

Case Study: CRA International
Accellion customer CRA International discusses why security is of utmost importance to their company, and how secure file sharing has improved the way they do business.
Duration: 2:20 min
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PRISM Perspectives
Accellion customers discuss their thoughts on the NSA PRISM revelations, and why they were already implementing technologies that gave them secure control over their organizational data, before the news broke.
Duration: 1:39 min
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Analyst Insights

ESG Research: The Demand for Hybrid and Private Cloud File Sharing Solutions
This ESG Research video describes the findings of an in-depth survey, including the increasing demand for alternatives to the “one-size-fits-all,” cloud-based approach to online file sharing (OFS), especially among current OFS users who currently leverage that deployment model. Learn more about different deployment models for online file sharing in this video.
Duration: 4:38 min
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