For Government

Government agencies at the federal, state and local level, need easy, quick and secure methods to share, synchronize and send confidential information within and across agency boundaries in order to protect security interests.  Users can access and share the latest files and folders on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops ensuring today’s government professionals have the information they need, where and when they need it.  End-to-end security ensures files are synchronized, uploaded, stored, and downloaded securely to ensure data security and compliance.  Recipients are authenticated, ensuring only the intended recipients can access files.  Accellion also provides auditable records of all activities on the system such as files sent, shared, synchronized, uploaded and downloaded, as well all workspace activities.

Accellion solutions deliver unparalleled flexibility and scalability to agencies with less than 100 users to more than 100,000 users. With the widest choice of deployment options including for FIPS 140-2 certified environments, Accellion enables government agencies to balance cost, security, and speed of deployment.