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Secure File Sharing for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare organizations around the world face regulations that guide the handling of patient health information. Plus, with healthcare data breaches on the rise it is critical to ensure the PHI is accessed, shared and stored in a secure and compliant manner.

Accellion kiteworks is a HIPAA compliant secure file sharing solution that enables healthcare and life sciences workers to securely share files and collaborate internally and externally, while keeping health information safe and intellectual property secure.

kiteworks secure file sharing
Secure File Sharing

Healthcare industry accounts for 42.5% of all data breaches. Enable healthcare professionals to securely access, share, and edit patient information.

kiteworks efficient care coordination and collaboration
Efficient Care Coordination

Enable secure collaboration among doctors, specialists, lab technicians and outside partners to expedite diagnosis and improve treatment outcomes.

kiteworks HIPAA compliant file sharing
HIPAA Compliance

kiteworks supports HIPAA, HITECH compliance to provide secure access to files that contain patient health information (PHI).

kiteworks secure mobile collaboration
Access PHI from any Device

Never store PHI on your laptop, tablet or phone. Securely access, review, share and edit important patient information from any mobile device.


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Shatter Barriers in the Patient Information Journey to Improve Care

Shatter Barriers in the Patient Information Journey to Improve Care

Learn how effective use of patients' information as they move through the healthcare system directly contributes to the success of healthcare organizations in the evolving outcomes-based delivery models.

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Solution Briefs

The need for sharing protected health information touches almost every step in the patient journey, and can have a direct impact on both improving patient outcomes and value-based care initiatives.

Reduce Clinical Errors with Real-Time Access to All Patient Content

Improve Care Coordination

Proper security and governance enables HIPAA-compliant communications when sharing Protected Health Information during transition of care.

Improve Quality of Care and Clinical Workflows During Patient Transfers

Patient Transfers

Efficient and secure exchange of patient information between healthcare facilities ensures best practices throughout the patient journey.


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Case Study:
NYC Health + Hospitals

Largest U.S. public health care system selected Accellion for its secure and compliant solution to share patient data while maintaining the highest levels of control and data integrity

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Transforming Care with Governance Over External File Sharing

Healthcare organizations must address key security and governance requirements to prevent breaches and ensure compliance when sharing sensitive patient information outside their network

Companies Choosing Accellion

"Some of our studies involve lots of documents, in many forms. Accellion lets the doctor wrap it all up into one folder and send it. It’s one easy process."
David Boyer, Video Architect, Indiana Health University