More than 2,000 of the world's leading corporations and government agencies have chosen solutions by Accellion to securely share files across devices and users around the globe to increase mobile productivity, protect confidential information and ensure compliance.


Accellion Customers

AEC - Customers
Companies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry sector depend on very large CAD drawings to do their business. Ensuring all contractors have up-to-date drawings is essential to delivering a quality job, on budget and on schedule. Accellion is helping AEC companies to accelerate collaboration, the delivery of essential CAD drawings, and improve tracking of document delivery. With Accellion, up-to-date CAD drawings can now be delivered reliably and securely in minutes, not days.
Accellion Customers in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry include:

Advertising - Customers

Leading marketing and advertising companies are using Accellion to increase business productivity by making it fast, easy and secure to share digital photos, graphics, videos, advertisements, design files, and web designs amongst creative teams, clients and partners. Accellion enables advertising firms to not only delight clients with their ideas but also with how easy they are to work with by providing secure file sharing across laptop, desktop and mobile devices.

Accellion Customers in the Advertising industry include:

Consumer Products & Retail - Customers
Leading consumer product and retail companies around the globe are using the Accellion Mobile File Sharing solutions to streamline business processes and speed time-to-market. Accellion simplifies the sharing of marketing, advertising, and promotional information, contracts, inventory statistics, and all kinds of confidential and business critical information. With Accellion, large files and folders (up to 100GB) can be sent securely from desktop to desktop, to mobile device and back again, anywhere in the world.
Accellion Customers in the Consumer Product and Retail industries include:

Education - Customers

Faculty, students and staff at academic and research institutions across the globe need to collaborate, exchange ideas, and share data. Accellion provides enables secure sharing of sensitive information such as student records, research data, and faculty and staff employee information, ensuring protection of confidential information and compliance with government regulations including HIPAA.

Accellion Customers in the Education sector include:

Energy, Oil & Gas - Customers

Energy companies around the world are turning to Accellion Mobile File Sharing to enable secure anytime, anywhere access to information to users distributed around the globe. By enabling rapid sharing of large data sets and files across laptop, desktop and mobile devices Accellion enables energy, oil and gas companies to increase the speed of global business operations.

Accellion Customers in the Energy, Oil and Gas industry include:

Entertainment & Media - Customers

Leading entertainment and media companies are using Accellion secure file sharing to speed time to market for the next blockbuster. With global development teams and distribution requirements, entertainment and media companies require a secure file sharing solution that can handle large files (100GB), protect intellectual property and that will scale to meet global operations. Instead of waiting hours, or even days for the next design iteration, collaboration between design teams and clients distributed around the globe can happen real-time with Accellion.

Accellion Customers in the Entertainment and Media industry include:

Financial Services - Customers
Financial institutions are relying on Accellion to ensure the trust built between them and their customers. With the emerging trend of mobile banking on the rise, Accellion guarantees data privacy and secure financial transactions. Confidential customer information is securely retained through Accellion Mobile File Sharing solutions. Security is a major issue for customers and Accellion uses threat management to address these issues including mobile malware, viruses, and unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.
Accellion Customers in the Financial Services industry include:

Government - Customers

Government organizations at the federal, state and local level select Accellion Mobile File Sharing in order to meet the strictest security and compliance requirements for the sharing of digital information. Accellion offers a FIPS 140-2 certified solution that provide the security, authentication, encryption and comprehensive file tracking and reporting capabilities necessary to demonstrate compliance with government and industry regulations including FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX.

Accellion Customers in Government include:

Healthcare - Customers

Healthcare professionals need to be able to share information quickly, reliably and securely to be able to provide superior patient care. Accellion enables reduced diagnostic time with rapid sharing of medical images and videos and facilitates telemedicine programs with easy-to-use secure file sharing between distributed locations. Healthcare organizations select Accellion to ensure confidentiality of patient data for compliance with HIPAA and Hitech regulations.

Accellion Customers in the Healthcare industry include:

Legal - Customers

The world's leading legal firms rely on Accellion secure file sharing to ensure protection of confidential information and to comply with federal regulations. Accellion enables rapid delivery of confidential documents at greatly reduced cost and risk of exposure.

Accellion Customers in the Legal industry include:

Pharmaceutical - Customers

Pharmaceutical corporations need to be able to share clinical data, drug designs, and patient information with health care providers, governments and individuals while at all times maintaining compliance with HIPAA and FDA regulations. To avoid costly security breaches, pharmaceutical organizations are turning to Accellion to secure the sharing of digital files across all computing and mobile devices and throughout their business operations.

Accellion Customers in the Pharmaceutical industry include:

Technology - Customers 

Technology companies rely on Accellion Mobile file sharing to increase business productivity by making it easy to access and share information 24x7 on any device. Helping to get products to market faster and ensuring the protection of intellectual property are the competitive reasons technology corporations choose Accellion secure file sharing for their organizations.

Accellion Customers in the Technology industry include:

Other Industries - Customers

A wide array of industries including real estate, professional sport leagues, publishing, and nonprofits have put their confidence in Accellion to ensure their privacy through Accellion Mobile File Sharing. In this fast-paced world where real-time mobile access has become prevalent, Accellion is the enterprise-class solution to increase productivity while also protecting confidential information.

Accellion Customers in Other Industries include: