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The kiteworks admin interface makes it easy to manage and control enterprise file sharing with intuitive and actionable real-time dashboards and visual system health alerts, comprehensive file tracking, reporting, and administrative controls.

Duration: 2:35 minutes

kiteworks provides an intuitive user experience that empowers users to securely and seamlessly access, share and manage content across devices with a streamlined and consistent experience across mobile, web and desktop.

Duration: 3:15 minutes

kiteworks is a secure mobile content platform from Accellion that boosts productivity by enabling users to securely access, share, create and edit content across mobile, web and desktop, while providing IT and security teams management and control over enterprise information.

Close deals faster with kiteworks and enable your sales team to stay productive all the time, from any device, with easy and secure file sharing and collaboration tools.

Increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction with kiteworks. Provide field workers with easy and secure collaboration tools to complete field installations, testing, and resolve problems faster – from wherever.

Enable medical teams to securely share patient information for faster diagnosis and improved care while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Execute contracts and agreements more quickly with kiteworks. Provide legal teams with easy and secure mobile collaboration tools to work on case files and business documents from wherever.

Beat the competition by increasing marketing productivity with easy and secure file sharing. With kiteworks, marketing teams can collaborate with colleagues and vendors and manage marketing campaigns from wherever.

Accellion customer CRA International discusses why security is of utmost importance to their company, and how secure file sharing has improved the way they do business.

Accellion customers discuss their thoughts on the NSA PRISM revelations and why they had already implemented technologies that gave them secure control over their organizational data, before the news broke.

ESG Research describes the findings of an in-depth survey, including the increasing demand for alternatives to the ‘one size fits all’, cloud-based approach to online file sharing (OFS) and highlights the value of different deployment models.

Is your organization ready to take mobile productivity to a whole new level? The Accellion team introduces the benefits of kiteworks - a powerful private cloud mobile collaboration and file sharing solution.

Are public cloud file sharing solutions compromising your firm's data security policies? Learn how secure private cloud file sharing can protect your confidential enterprise content from data leakage via Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive usage.

Who decides what content can be accessed on mobile devices and what solutions are approved for use? Discover how to access, collaborate, and safeguard enterprise content on mobile devices.

Government agencies with BYOD and Cloud Computing initiatives need to enable secure mobile productivity and online file sharing while ensuring FIPS 140-2 compliance and maximizing ROI.

As the diversity of mobile devices and complexity of supporting BYOD increases, is your organization keeping pace to address the security challenges?

Terri McClure, Enterprise Strategy Group and Paula Skokowski, Accellion discuss the essential criteria enterprises should use when evaluating cloud file sharing and collaboration solutions.

Left to their own devices, without well-defined policies, education, and officially supported alternatives employees are most likely putting enterprise information at risk via free Dropbox-type of applications.

Sharing sensitive, confidential information presents particular security and compliance challenges for healthcare organizations who must navigate HIPAA and HITECH regulations for protection of personal health information.

Short videos illustrate key kiteworks features such as secure editing, annotation, collaboration, task management, sharing photos or images, and sharing files from different content sources.

Duration: 6:00 min