Administrative Controls and Management

To centrally manage and control secure mobile file sharing, enterprises and government agencies need comprehensive and granular file tracking, reporting, and administrative controls. The kiteworks solution provides an intuitive and robust Admin interface consisting of interactive real-time dashboards and visual health alerts that bring to the forefront the status of all important activities, so admins can quickly and easily manage and control enterprise file sharing.

With kiteworks, administrators can easily create global deployments, add servers in different geographies, enforce data sovereignty, and configure the system. The kiteworks three-tier architecture, allows admins to quickly configure each server with roles such as web, application, and file storage to create scalable and secure deployments. Administrators can also restrict the location of file uploads ensuring that data stays close to users to comply with regulations such as the EU Data Protection Directive.

Key Features

  • Real-time dashboards bring the most critical system information to the forefront
  • Visual system health alerts immediately highlight any system issues
  • Actionable notifications allow administrators to drill down and troubleshoot issues
  • Mobile friendly interface can be conveniently accessed from tablets or smartphones
  • Streamlined organization makes it easy to find settings and controls quickly
  • Easy file and user management enhances administrator productivity
  • Robust reporting helps meet key audit and compliance requirements