Mobile Enablement

The kiteworks solution enables users to be productive on the go from their mobile devices. With a mobile first design, kiteworks users can securely create, edit, view, collaborate, and share content from smartphones and tablets. With kiteworks, enterprise organizations can achieve BYOD security while enhancing user productivity on popular mobile devices, leveraging rich administrative controls to manage user privileges and access rights as needed.

  • Mobile File Sharing
    Provides secure creation, viewing, and sharing of enterprise content on mobile devices. Users can download, upload, and save files on the mobile device for offline use. Admins can selectively wipe content from the kiteworks mobile app secure container, as well as whitelist apps to prevent data leaks.

  • Mobile Collaboration
    Provides an efficient workflow with real-time activity stream that allows users to easily view, assign tasks, collaborate, and manage all shared files and folders. Users can comment and share files with internal and external team members with file versioning to keep track of all changes, all within the kiteworks secure container. Read More >>
  • Mobile Productivity
    Offers an integrated solution that allows users to create, edit, annotate, view, and collaborate on PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without having to move the data outside of the kiteworks secure container. Read More >>
  • Mobile Printing
    Enables users to print content from any mobile device to any corporate printer securely. Seamless integration with corporate LDAP/Acitve Directory ensures authorized access to print content. Read More >>