FTP Replacement

FTP and SFTP sites are difficult for business users to use, time consuming for IT to administer, and lack the reporting and tracking capabilities necessary to demonstrate compliance.

An alternative to FTP, kiteworks allows users to securely and seamlessly share content across devices, and makes on-going file and account management easy. Users can create secure folders and then add internal and external users for secure file sharing. IT administrators can set global policies to automatically manage file and account lifecycles, including file life cycle by transaction. LDAP and Active Directory (AD) integration, as well as single sign-on through SAML ensure that users are automatically validated with existing network accounts and passwords, reducing on-going IT support.

Key Features

  • Securely share files/folders with internal and external recipients for cross-team collaboration
  • Create secure online folders to share with individuals inside and outside the office
  • Send extremely large files, even those greater than 1TB, reliably and securely
  • Choice of deployment via private cloud (on-premise or hosted)
  • Demonstrate compliance with comprehensive file tracking and reporting, intuitive Admin dashboards
  • Synchronize files across mobile device/desktop/laptop
  • Access files on iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices via native mobile apps