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EU Privacy Compliance, Post Safe Harbor

The United States - European Union Safe Harbor Agreement has been struck down by the highest court in the EU. Organizations storing European Personal Data now need to ensure compliance with European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection.


Organizations can achieve high levels of compliance with the most stringent privacy laws and ensure data sovereignty using kiteworks by Accellion.

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On-Premises Deployment

A fully on-premises version of the kiteworks secure file sharing solution, ensures organizations have full control over their data and where it is stored.

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Private and Hybrid Cloud Deployments

The private and hybrid cloud deployments options provide the ability to host the solution in a European data center to retain data within the EU.

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Data Sovereignty Policy Enforcement

The kiteworks multi-tier architecture uniquely enables data residency policies to be enforced to restrain EU-based users’ data to servers physically located in that region.

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Best-in-Class Security and Compliance

With the most comprehensive set of security controls and auditing capabilities, kiteworks protects sensitive information and helps meet a broad range of compliance requirements.

  • kiteworks by Accellion enforces US and EU global data residency policies by restraining data storage to physical geographical boundaries to meet regional data security and compliance requirements.

  • Mobile workers rely on Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) services to sync files across devices. Many files in EFSS solutions contain sensitive information that must be encrypted for data security and regulatory compliance. This whitepaper provides a comparison of the encryption key...

  • Secure file sharing, syncing, and associated productivity requirements impose pressing technical and operational challenges on organizations. Review this data security checklist for enterprise content sharing.

  • France’s national interbank network, Cartes Bancaires improves productivity with kiteworks by Accellion for secure file sharing and collaboration.

  • This technical overview of kiteworks explains key security features designed to ensure protection of enterprise content–including how a three-tier architecture provides increased enterprise security and agility.

Industry Insights

"We want to give Office customers the best possible experience when working with Office files, regardless of how they are accessed or where they are stored. Microsoft is excited that Accellion has joined the Cloud Storage Provider program, enabling our joint customers to be more productive when accessing Office documents on the web or in the cloud,"
Rob Howard, director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft