Accellion and Fidelis Security Systems Partner to Secure Data-in-Motion and Stop Data Leakage at the File Transfer Source

Non-Secure File Transfers Create Gaping Hole in Data Leak Prevention

September 22, 2009 –

Palo Alto, California and Waltham, MA – September 22, 2009 — Accellion, Inc. and Fidelis Security Systems have partnered to provide corporations with a means to stop data leakage of confidential information at the file transfer source. The integration of the Fidelis Security Systems’ next-generation data leakage prevention (DLP) solution, Fidelis XPS™ and Accellion’s Managed File Transfer solution enables corporations to not only secure data transfers but also define and enforce corporate content-based policy decisions to control information sharing.

According to Gartner analysts Jeffrey Wheatman and Eric Ouellet, “Many enterprises continue to treat data as a static entity. In fact, data is dynamic and fluid, consistently being analyzed and assessed and moved across organizational, technological and geographical boundaries. The failure to recognize this basic reality leads to damaging gaps in protection mechanisms, and to security incidents at these unprotected boundaries, involving regulated and protected data, intellectual property, and other proprietary information.*

“Digital information drives today’s businesses and sharing this information is becoming an increasing security concern for companies who want to protect their intellectual property and ensure compliance,” said Yorgen Edholm, president and CEO of Accellion. “Large digital files (greater than 10MB) represent the bulk of digital data, yet most organizations lack a security solution for protecting and sharing this information. Deploying Accellion’s secure file transfer technology with Fidelis’ policy-based content analysis and filtering enables organizations to fill a gaping hole in their data leak prevention strategies.”

The Accellion Secure File Transfer solution allows enterprises and government agencies to securely send and receive large files and folders up to 20GB. It features an authentication check point which validates recipients so confidential information is not overexposed and provides an audit trail for tracking and reporting who received a file and when.

The integration with Fidelis XPS, via the company’s Fidelis XPS Connect appliance, utilizes the award-winning solution’s network-based programmatic interface, the Simple Content Inspection Protocol (SCIP). Fidelis XPS Connect enables Accellion to take secure file transfer to the next level by allowing corporations to set automated security policies for data in motion and conduct content analysis of each attached file to ensure compliance with corporate data security guidelines. Upon receipt of data from the Accellion server, Fidelis XPS Connect decodes and analyzes the content and renders a policy decision based on a company’s pre-set guidelines, which are then enforced by the Accellion server. If the content of the file does not meet corporate security policies, the file will either be blocked or quarantined.

“An enterprise strategy for data leakage prevention must consider data-in-motion,” said Peter George, CEO of Fidelis Security Systems. “Fidelis continues to lead the way in technology innovation by providing global enterprises with a more powerful solution to stop data leakage and protect intellectual property. Through our partnership with Accellion we are providing enterprises with the necessary tools to ensure their confidential data remains safe.”

Accellion and Fidelis are hosting a joint webinar entitled “Securing Data in Motion: Extending DLP to File Transfer” on Thursday September 24, 2009. To register please visit either or

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