UK Government Increases File Transfer Security with Accellion

June 24, 2010 –
Palo Alto, CA – June 24, 2010 — Accellion, Inc. today announced that the Central Office of Information (COI), the United Kingdom Government's centre of excellence for marketing and communications, has selected the Accellion Secure File Transfer Solution. After an internal review of the agency’s data sharing procedures, followed by a thorough search of secure file transfer options, the COI selected Accellion for secure sharing of digital information.
The COI works with government departments and the public sector to produce information campaigns on issues that affect the lives of every citizen - from health and education to benefits, rights and welfare. Given the nature of the information, security is of the utmost importance when collaborating on ideas and sharing information internally and externally with suppliers and clients.
Prior to deploying Accellion, the COI relied on e-mail to share information. For files exceeding the government’s 10MB limit on e-mail attachments, information was copied onto encrypted media and sent via courier. This method proved to be costly and lacked the level of security the COI required. FTP wasn’t a long term option as it was too technical for the average user and required ongoing IT involvement.
Following release of the Hannigan Report on data handling procedures in government and the subsequent internal review of data sharing procedures, the COI began its search for a more secure way to share information. The COI determined Accellion is the best solution for securely sharing information.
According to the COI’s Director of IT, Christopher Wroath, “Accellion has proven to be the right solution for us.   No more costly shipping charges or security concerns, and because it is so easy to use we have a 100 percent adoption rate by those who need it. ”
 “Government agencies have very particular needs; security is a top priority and in today’s economic climate, the need to keep costs low is also essential,” said Paul Steiner, managing director, Europe for Accellion.  “Accellion provides the COI a perfect solution for balancing these needs.”  
Accellion helps government organizations and enterprises meet the strictest security and compliance requirements for the transfer of digital information.  The Accellion managed file transfer solution provides the security, authentication, encryption and comprehensive file tracking and reporting capabilities necessary to demonstrate compliance. The COI selected the Accellion FIPS-certified secure file transfer appliance for deployment FIPS certification is a security standard developed by US federal authorities to be used by non-military government contractors.  

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