Fixmo Unveils ‘Secured for Fixmo SafeZone’ Program with Accellion, Cellcrypt and Taptera at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2012

Leading Mobile Application Providers to Offer Defense-Grade Applications to Run Within Fixmo SafeZone Secure Container

Gartner SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo, Orlando, Fla – October 22, 2012 –

Fixmo, the mobile risk management (MRM) company, today unveiled the Secured for Fixmo SafeZone™ partner program at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2012 along with its initial community of partners who will offer defense-grade versions of their enterprise apps to run within Fixmo SafeZone.

Through the newly announced program, leading providers of business productivity and collaboration solutions – including Accellion, the leading provider of secure mobile file sharing; Cellcrypt, the leader in encrypted voice calling from mobile devices; and Taptera, a leading mobile developer for the enterprise – will offer enhanced versions of their mobile apps to run within the defense-grade Fixmo SafeZone secure container on iOS and Android devices.

Through the program, third party Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) “wrap their apps” to run within the Fixmo SafeZone secure container, alongside out-of-the-box secure apps for corporate email, browsing, document viewing and editing, image capture and access to Microsoft SharePoint.

Applications that are Secured for Fixmo SafeZone can leverage Fixmo’s FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption of data-at-rest and data-in-transit, integrated jailbreak/root detection, application-level policy controls, multi-factor authentication, and IT policy commands that ensure all corporate data can be wiped from a device without impacting their personal data and apps. Contained apps can also leverage inter-process communication and secure file-sharing with other apps residing within the secure container environment without exposing themselves to the personal apps on the device.

The first three application partners to deliver third party business solutions that are Secured for Fixmo SafeZone include Accellion, Cellcrypt and Taptera:

  • Accellion, Inc. enables enterprise and government employees to securely access and share corporate documents on their desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones while maintaining confidentiality and policy compliance. Through the partnership with Fixmo, Accellion will offer an enhanced version of its mobile client to run within Fixmo SafeZone, ensuring end-to-end defense-grade security, compliance and auditability for file sharing and document management on mobile devices.
  • Cellcrypt is the leader in enabling encrypted voice calls for commercial-off-the-shelf smartphones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices. Through the partnership with Fixmo, Cellcrypt will provide an enhanced version of its secure voice and messaging application for iOS and Android to run within the Fixmo SafeZone secure workspace. The partnership enables government agencies and regulated enterprises to empower their employees with real-time collaboration and private voice calling on the latest iPhones and Android smartphones without compromising security, integrity or compliance.
  • Taptera is a leading developer of enterprise collaboration, business productivity and sales force automation solutions for iOS and Android devices. Through the partnership, Taptera’s full suite of business apps, many of which integrate tightly with, Box and Microsoft’s platforms including Yammer and Exchange, will be Secured for Fixmo SafeZone and offered to Fixmo SafeZone customers. Taptera’s growing portfolio of business apps includes Colleagues and Rooms, powerful business apps that help employees collaborate and maximize their productivity around the office; Events, a unique application for maximizing productivity and engagement at internal and external conferences and meetings; Crescendo, which provides custom solutions for organizations who need dynamic ways to access, view and potentially edit their documents; Collateral, which provides seamless access to in an intuitive and optimized way on smartphones and tablets; and the newly-launched Sophia, touted as “the child of Siri and Salesforce”, which adds powerful voice capabilities to

“By offering full containment, encryption, and IT control over all business apps and data on mobile devices, Fixmo SafeZone is solving some of the toughest challenges that organizations are facing as a result of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach and the proliferation of mobile apps,” said Tyler Lessard, Chief Marketing Officer at Fixmo. “Through our partnerships with Accellion, Cellcrypt and Taptera, Fixmo SafeZone customers can now embrace a full suite of enterprise collaboration, document management, and productivity tools on corporate-liable and employee-owned devices without compromising security, auditability or compliance.”

In addition to helping ISVs deliver defense-grade versions of their mobile apps, Fixmo promotes and facilitates distribution of apps that are Secured for Fixmo SafeZone —helping mobile app developers extend their reach into government agencies and enterprise customers who have stringent security and compliance requirements.

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