Customer Quotes

Read what people think about Accellion and how it has helped their organizations increase mobile productivity, while ensuring enterprise security and compliance.


"Having a unified experience across all devices means that our teams can access, collaborate and share content at the drop of a hat. We're really excited about the modern UI of kiteworks, and the move tray is a great new feature to simplify mobile workflow."

Gregory Floro, Director of IT, GSG

"Our organization relies on Accellion for file collaboration and the ability to sync content, so we can work from wherever, whenever we want, from the device of our choice. We're excited about kiteworks because it significantly improves the way we organize all of the content that our Purpose Partners are working on, its security architecture is even more robust, and it will support users on any device."

Justin Daniels, Web Services/Software Engineering IT Support Manager, MiTek

“I can’t put a high enough dollar amount on the efficiency gains that have resulted from using Accellion. The amount of time to share business files has been reduced to just seconds and three years after deployment, the product is working just as it should, day in and day out, to support our fast-paced business needs.”

Kawa Farid, infrastructure manager at Hyundai

“We needed a more secure and auditable way for our teams to create, share and collaborate on content, while still ensuring that our clients’ proprietary material remains private and under our control. Accellion's sharing capabilities have enabled our employees to improve their productivity, while my department takes advantage of its enhanced security and compliance features that are so vital for the legal industry.”

Ed Jorczyk, director of IT at Bowman and Brooke LLP

“The rise of BYOD and ever-increasing security concerns mean we need new mobile features and capabilities from our vendors. Accellion’s FIPS 140-2 certification gave us the peace of mind to know that content shared on mobile devices is protected, and compliant with regulatory standards. Because of this, we are in the process of deploying mobile productivity solutions from Accellion, to enable our employees to work remotely and to better collaborate with TVA’s external business partners.” 

Carl Scarbrough, Senior Project Manager of Strategy and Emerging Technologies, Tennessee Valley Authority

“Accellion security and management capabilities gives us a major advantage. We evaluated a number of solutions for our file sharing service and most had rather rudimentary security and management controls. Accellion had all the features we required but with the addition of tight centralized control around who can share content with a full audit trail. Accellion has many of the benefits of a cloud service while allowing us to retain our data on-premise to meet our own security policies and wider compliance requirements.”

John Willis, Enterprise Architect at Wessex Water

“Part of the beauty of Accellion is that it’s so easy to use, which allowed our reps to be up and running immediately. We rolled out Accellion to 100 reps in just two days and used the reporting features to know who had logged-on in order to make sure the entire group was ready to go once the show doors opened.”

Jan Arvay, VP of Information Systems at Sauder

“Accellion acts as the single platform for users to access, review and collaborate on content from mobile devices of their choosing, as well as meeting all of our security and compliance requirements. Now we have a solution that’s integrated with our device management tools and SharePoint, allowing us to securely mobilize our most important content and make BYOD a reality.”

Ian Lawrence, IT Manager with the London Borough of Camden

“95 percent of our data must be keep confidential for one reason or another, driving us to find a secure mode to exchange information with parents, between staff members, and with the community at large. Accellion is the only solution that met our strict security guidelines, yet made it easy for non-technical individuals to use.”

Josh Kuntz, ISO, Texas Juvenile Justice Department

“Many of our employees prefer to use the Accellion solution over old “drop box”- style solutions as it is much easier to use.”

Alex Buchanan, Technology Operations Director, Hogarth

“Using Accellion’s native mobile apps, our teams really appreciate being able to securely collaborate on contracts and engineering plans with internal and external business partners."

Jason Otani, Director, IT Infrastructure, Curtiss-Wright Corporation

“As our lawyers work to quickly, easily, and securely share confidential client and case information both internally and with clients, we needed a solution that delivered secure access. Accellion provides an elegant and intuitive solution for our end users who need to share information.”

Bill Kyrouz, CIO, Bingham McCutchen LLP

“Some of our patients would need to drive for hours one-way to reach a medical expert. Now they can stay in their own community and save a day off work. What used to be done in two weeks can now be done in two hours.Test results can be done the same day.”

Jennifer Baron, Director of Indiana's telemedicine program

“Our clients’ requirements are even more important than our own. Being able to safely browse, edit, share, and send corporate and auditable information from anywhere – and track where that data resides – is a big priority for our clients and we’ve made it happen with Accellion.”

Shawn Schmidt, CIO, Allens Linklaters

“Everything we do is based on a collaborative, team-based approach, so we needed a solution that supported this philosophy. Now, our staff does not think twice about how to share documents. Accellion is the go-to source for all internal and external interactions.”

“Accellion has allowed us to address three key business objectives – responding to clients’ needs faster than ever before, enhancing our collaborative work environment, and as an added bonus, supporting our sustainability journey,” said Ahmed."

Noman Ahmea, IT Infrastructure Specialist, Halsall

"We needed simplicity without compromising function. Our users were already familiar with Accellion as a file transfer solution, so it was a natural progression to move to Accellion Secure Collaboration for all of our file sharing needs. As an IT person, if I can save time – and money – it’s the ideal combination. Accellion has improved how we communicate and reduced our costs, proving its worth and then some.”

Rey Mirabal, Network Systems Engineer, Cimarex

“Accellion takes the guesswork out of what people are sending and how, putting important checks and balances in place. As part of our best practices for data security, every Pepperdine copier will be synced with Accellion Secure File Transfer to protect the integrity of our scanned data.”

Michael Lucas, CTO, Pepperdine University

“We have been a happy Accellion customer for years. Accellion is a great choice for Thiess due to the number of large files our employees send, and how important it is to keep these files secure. We are very impressed by our Accellion solution and it is widely used across the business. The great thing about Accellion is it just works.”

Vince Smith, Systems Administrator, Thiess

“We search for technologies that our employees are comfortable using, but not at the expense of our patients’ data security or in a way that compromises regulatory compliance. Accellion has provided us with a secure and auditable way to transfer large documents and images. With the addition of rich collaboration features, our staff is more productive and our organization is further protected against security breaches associated with unsecure file sharing.”

Wes Wright, CTO, Seattle Children’s Hospital

“HIT Entertainment is responsible for well-known programmes such as Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam, and has a pressing need to protect its intellectual property. We use Accellion to keep closer tabs on who is receiving digital files. The control is important to us. If we send files to someone, we want to know that they can’t forward those files to other people. Adding collaboration features while maintaining control over our intellectual property is just what Bob, Thomas and Sam need.”

James Herbert, Senior Manager of Global Infrastructure, HIT Entertainment