Enterprise IT & Security

Corporations and government agencies rely on Accellion to provide secure and scalable mobile file sharing solutions that ensure the protection of sensitive data and IP as files are created, edited, synced and shared with individuals both internal and external to the organization. The kiteworks solution can be deployed in a private on-premise or hosted cloud environment. With kiteworks, organizations have the richest set of security controls to fine tune their risk management posture, while also providing key integrations with existing IT infrastructure.

  • Private Cloud Multi-Tiered Architecture
    Offers a secure private cloud (on-premise or hosted) deployment option to give organizations maximum control. The industry’s first three-tiered architecture enables massive scalability and agility, while also allowing highly secure network deployment options. Read More >>
  • Cloud Deployment Options
    Provides the industry’s widest choice of cloud deployment options including private cloud (on-premise or hosted), and hybrid cloud. Read More >>
  • Security & Compliance
    Ensures data security and compliance by encrypting data in transit and at rest to comply with industry and government regulations and standards such as FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. Read More >>
  • Administrative Controls and Management
    Delivers an intuitive Admin Dashboard and system health alerts to enable IT teams to easily view system status, manage system configuration, generate reports and monitor usage including users, folders, and files. Read More >>
  • Enterprise Plugins
    Increases business productivity, streamlines workflow, and increases data security and tracking by integrating secure file sharing within existing Outlook and SharePoint enterprise applications. Read More >>