Private Cloud File Sharing

Leading enterprises and government agencies rely on Accellion for a private cloud file sharing solution to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of enterprise content. Accellion is the pioneer and industry leader in offering private cloud deployments, either on-premise or as a hosted offering. Private cloud file sharing deliver the increased data security and protection that organizations and government agencies require today.

Key Features

  • On-Premise Private Cloud File Sharing
    The kiteworks on-premise private cloud deployment provides dedicated and isolated cloud infrastructure operated solely for a single organization. Delivered as an easy to use virtual appliance that can be quickly installed and configured to run in a virtual environment such as VMware, the kiteworks on-premise private cloud file sharing deployment provides the highest levels of security and control, enabling organizations to keep servers, storage, application service, meta-data, and authentication all within the organization’s firewall.

  • Modular Three-Tiered Architecture
    An industry first, kiteworks enables extreme deployment flexibility by allowing the web, application, and storage tiers to be separated and placed anywhere in the network. For example, the web tier can be placed in the DMZ for VPN-less access from mobile devices, while the application and storage tiers can be placed behind the internal firewall. Unique authentication tokens for each tier provide an additional layer of security from intrusions and data breaches.

  • Extreme Scalability
    With kiteworks, each tier can be scaled independently or all can be combined into a single virtual appliance. This allows organizations to grow their deployment from a single server (supporting a few thousand users) to a global deployment supporting hundreds of thousands of users. Each tier can be optimized for performance by adding an unlimited number of servers, and load balancing that is configured automatically by the system. Additionally, deploying redundant servers at each tier can ensure high availability.

  • Data Sovereignty and Global Deployments
    The kiteworks architecture optimizes performance for users around the world by placing servers close to regional offices. Furthermore, data residency policies can be applied to restrain data storage to physical geographical boundaries to meet security and compliance requirements.