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Demos - Accellion File Transfer

See how easy it is to view, edit, upload, share, synchronize and send files to internal and external users across laptops, desktops and mobile devices, using the Accellion Mobile File Sharing solution.

Accellion Secure Workspaces

This online demo shows you how to quickly and easily create Accellion Secure Workspaces to start sharing files with internal and external collaborators.

Duration: 7:00 min
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Accellion File Synchronization

This online demo shows how kitedrive file synchronization enables business users to access up-to-date enterprise content anytime, anywhere. Kitedrive sync combines the ease of use of consumer-centric file syncing solutions with the IT controls, security, and management that enterprises require. All files placed in kitedrive are continuously synchronized to ensure that business users have access to their content across devices (mobile, desktop, and laptop), online and offline.

Duration: 3:27 min
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Accellion Mobile Apps

This online demo shows how the Accellion Mobile Apps enable mobile business users to access, edit and upload files, send and share files, or download files for offline use. Users can also subscribe to notifications, and provide comments on files located within an Accellion Secure Workspace.

Duration: 1:15
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Accellion Outlook Plugin

This online demo shows users how to securely send files via the Accellion Outlook plugin.

Duration: 2:23
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Sending Files

This online demo shows users how to use the Send File tab, including how to securely send files to internal and external recipients, how to create draft emails, how to invite external users to send files via Accellion, and how to request files from users.

Duration: 3:04
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File Manager

This online demo shows users the various features of the File Manager tab including the Inbox, Sent Items, and My Files.

Duration: 2:58
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Accellion Overview

This online demo provides information on how to login into Accellion, configure Settings, and utilize the Help tools.

Duration: 2:27
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